Tuesday 27 December 2011

Wimm A Smart watch

Technological change requires the devices of the daily becoming more intelligent. After Smart phones, appliances, televisions and transportation, the watch will also be smart in the image of Wimm. Wimm shows is a high-tech running on the mobile operating system Google Android. It is connected to the Smartphone's owner and the web. Wimm is able to alert the wearer when it receives a phone call or SMS. The accessory can also access Google Calendar.

The watch is rather sophisticated. It has an LCD screen 1.4-inch capacitive, a Samsung CPU at 667 MHz and an internal memory of 32 GB It also loads a GPS, a compass and an accelerometer. Side connections, WiFi and Bluetooth are in the game. Only downside: the design of the watch. Although Wimm displays certain modernity, it is far from attractive given its size a little bit thick. Wimm is currently a prototype, but its marketing seems imminent. Its price has been announced and we're talking about 220 Euros.

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