Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Tops of 2011

The tops of the Year

It is a ritual that season preparing mono-live is keen. One week after the publication, blithely commented, our tops of the year now are the time to congratulate the winners of 2011. Whether it is technical achievements, commercial or simply promising new players in the market of high-tech, some companies, products and people managed to get their game in a particularly difficult year for the sector.

It's time to celebrate the tops of the year 2011.

Google Chrome

Launched in September 2008, Google Chrome has quickly attracted interest. Since then, he is gradually gaining in popularity, surpassing the point of Firefox in 2011 on this point, even though the Mozilla browser was up to now the main challenger to Internet Explorer. At the end of 2011, its popularity is such that more than Firefox in terms of market share.

The agreement Spotify / Facebook

The launch of a service Facebook has been one of the most persistent rumors in 2011. Finally, it was in September 2011 that the social network formalizes a partnership with Spotify. This agreement is very beneficial to Spotify, which benefits from the enormous popularity of Facebook and to enlarge its user base. Within weeks, the online music service has gained almost 4 million users.

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