Saturday, 17 December 2011

25 USB drives that have personality - I

This USB key is original in more ways than one. In addition to the encryption logic at its disposal (AES), it offers a second barrier with a mechanical system similar to that of combination locks. To release the key to his shackles, you must align a code composed of 5 characters, previously defined by the owner. Available in 8 or 16 GB it offers, in addition, the performance totally respectable. But its peculiarity is also the mode of development it received as the possibility of mass production was initially submitted to the site members kickstarter, who were invited to participate in financing from $ 1. The goal was largely achieved (517 "sponsors" to date, and a financial goal exceeded by 750%) the production will start December 23. The USB Crypteks is sold between 95 and 120 euros depending on capacity.

Comic's Mimobot

Fans of DC Comics characters? The American Mimoco has thought of you with a series of USB 2 to 64 GB with effigies of your favorite superheroes. It is true that Batman, Catwoman, Robin and The Joker have just taken a big head for the occasion but do not worry, you can continue to easily take them with you. Available for 28 euros depending on the desired memory.

Mechanical USB Memory Key

Under the pseudonym hides back2root Rob Smith, a British designer and manufacturer of jewelry, tables ... and guitars, strongly inspired by the styles speampunk and 'organic'. Among his creations, hand-made and sold at the rate of their production, you can sometimes find amazing USB-designed wood-based and clock recovery mechanisms. Its production is limited and intermittent, it is necessary to send an e-mail address to be notified of the next sale. And hope and, perhaps, become the purchaser of one of these unique pieces.

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