Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Blue Scale, A Novel concept calculates the calories intake

To make life easier for those with uncompromising calories they take with each meal, the designer Ehsan Sayyad imagined the concept Blue Scale. Blue Scale is a device to measure the calories contained in food, be it a flat, a product of fast food or drink. Unobtrusive, Blue Scale is easily transportable. It takes the form of a disk on which you place the container of food to be measured.

The drive is connected remotely to the user's Smartphone via Bluetooth. The mobile phone is connected in turn to the Web to view databases calorie counters online. The calorie content present in the food is then calculated in real time and displayed on the mobile screen. Blue Scale can also be used when preparing a meal. The user can add the ingredients and see the calories as and when the recipe. Blue Scale is a concept for now.

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