Friday, 9 December 2011

Insert pee: the video games on urinals

Apparently the new trend: the video games in urinals. A crazy idea but in the end probably knows popular with men. Following the example of Sega with Toylet, Captive Media puts it in turn.

Indeed, the group has recently presented his toilet fun and high-tech in the London bar the Exhibit. Specifically, the bar is located in a suburb south of London, Balham. Each urinal is equipped with sensors and above is LCD screens. To access the games and control, just simply relieve them. The sensors calculate the pressure, volume, or the movement of the jets of urine. These parameters are used as controls.
So far, Captive Media has developed two games for urinals: On the Track and Clever Dick. If these toilets gaming spread, they could in addition to their primary function as carriers of the most interesting advertising.

These video games controlled by the urine come out officially in summer 2012. Until then patience is required
:) hahaha…

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