Saturday 15 March 2014

Specification Of Google Smartwatch Nicknamed As "Gem"

According to several reports available in the net, Google reportedly working on its own Smart Watch. Now there are first technical details of the SmartWatch, which could be built by LG.

As the well known mobile phone leaker evleaks reported that the SmartWatch will have a 1.65 inch display with LCD technology. The resolution should be 280 x 280 pixels. Next the SmartWatch to be installed with a 4 GB of internal memory and 512 MB RAM. About the processor, no further information is known till now.

Google is reportedly working for some time on a SmartWatch. After the acquisition, the WIMM Labs already in 2011 first came to the news, which again received similar details of a prototype from Motorola, which Google had meanwhile advanced in its groundwork.

According to the latest information, LG Electronics is again going to supply the hardware. Even with the naming of the clock, there are different approaches. So the led under the code name “Gem " device will probably will not get the name Nexus and the branding will be more guided only by the name Google Watch or Google SmartWatch.

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