Sunday 23 March 2014

Tips And Tricks On Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps, provided by Google is a web mapping service application and technology which powers several map based services inclusive of the Google Maps website, Google Transit, Google Ride Finder and maps which are embedded on third party websites through the Google Maps API. It offers a route planner for traveling by foot, public transport, street maps, car, bike (beta) and an urban business locator for various countries across the globe. Google Maps with close variant of the Mercator projection does not show areas around the poles but a related product is Google Earth which is a standalone program offering more globe viewing features, including polar areas. Google Maps providing high resolution aerial or satellite images for many urban areas worldwide and is the world’s current satellite imagery which is over five years old. 

Google Maps – Android Staple
Google Maps is an Android staple and when one is exploring a town or any location of the world, they can plan their trips and get the most of their journeys done easily with the help of Google’s easy to use tools. There are several options in utilizing these tools which could be of immense help and benefit to the user. When the user looks up a destination, they can slide the information from the bottom of the screen to reveal the call, save and share buttons. Users would get to see the street view of the area, ratings as well as reviews. The silhouette icon could also be tapped at the far right hand side of the search bar to get instant access to the map data which provides reviews, saved addresses for home as well as work, and saved places, nearby offers together with recent searches.

Local features replaced with Explorer
The satellite and traffic layers have been placed to a general menu and by just tapping on the gray tab at the bottom left side of the app, the menu will then open to enable the user with the desired layers. Besides this the local feature has been replaced with the Explorer and to find the Explorer banner, you can press the search box at the top and scroll down the page. This leads you to the options like drink, eat, shop, play and sleep besides which there are other options to find nearby places without the need of knowing its exact name.

Save Google Maps Offline 
Another options is by typing OK Maps in the search box in order to save Google Maps offline or you could just choose the Make this Map area available when offline `with link under the search box for quick access. Viewing an area of the map when not connected to the internet can be done by first opening the Google Map app and then zoom in the area of the map and search for `ok maps’, where after a few moments, a message appears confirming that the on screen map area has been downloaded and when not connected to the internet, the same can be viewed offline. Finally if the user needs to see the locations of friends, then they need to open the Google + app to choose location from the left hand menu.

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