Saturday 15 March 2014

Google Brings Cloud Prices Down to Earth

Google Drive
Google has announced prices for the use of its cloud storage Google Drive massively reduced and sets Dropbox, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple under strong pressure. Comparing with Google cloud’s present price their prices now seem astronomically high. Google's cloud storage solution is significantly cheaper now after two years.

100 GB of monthly cost is now $ 1.99 compared to $ 4.99 previously. Also 1TB monthly costs only $ 9.99 instead of the previous $ 49.99. For 10 terabytes of disk space on the Google Drive the search engine provider takes 99.99 U.S. dollars a month.

Who uses less memory than 15 GB, still going to pays nothing. Due to the price reduction of Google the competitor’s rates are quite high and more expensive than Google Drive. In Microsoft Onedrive 50 GB cost 4.49 U.S. dollars per month, 7.49 U.S. dollars for 100 GB and 200 GB for 11.49 dollars.

Apple's iCloud is particularly expensive. That is 10 GB cost 1.67 U.S. dollars, 20 GB $ 3.33 and 50 GB 8.33 U.S. dollars. Dropbox charges a fee for 100 GB a month $ 9.99, 200 GB for $ 19.99 and for 500 GB for 49.99 U.S. dollars. Amazon charges a fee for 100 GB of 4.17 U.S. dollars and for 200 GB 8.33 U.S. dollars and for 1 TB of 41.67 U.S. dollars per month.

Who are already a paying customer for Google Drive need not worry about anything, but is automatically switched to the lower prices. Despite security concerns, the majority of users are using cloud offerings. Particularly important to them is the ability to access at any time and from any location on their data. Four out of ten users of internet also store backup copies of important data in the cloud.

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