Sunday 2 March 2014

5 Best Cross Platform Games

Mobile gaming is a fun and excitement to the most of the people in this techno world, whether it may be a children or an adult, it doesn’t matter. In this post, I have shared few games that can be played over the cross platforms and here it goes;

Star Legends: Star Legends is one of the best Massive Multiplayer online game which allows more number of players to play at a single time, Star Legends is a fair game which allows you to fight various levels of enemies in the space.Star Legends has a wonderful game play and also you need to play the roles of the space marines, and need to eradicate the enemies. By defeating the enemies, you will be finishing the levels of the game. And also the objective is to clear dungeon and move to the next level in the game. The graphics has played an important role in gameplay, and also this game is awesome best platform games available in the internet.

Zynga Poker: Zynga Poker is an online game that allows you to play the online Poker. Zynga Poker is a best cross platform game that leads you to play with your friends very simply.Zynga Poker is an addictive game which has been globally played; this game gets you a real experience of real gambling and also lets you to play in a real time dealing with the other players. Zynga Poker has many levels and also there are many challenges in the gameplay. Zynga Poker is very simple; just you need to understand the game play and play.
Scrabble: Scrabble is an online game that leads you to complete various missions in the game. Scrabble is fascinated by both the old age people and also by the young people too. It has been released by the EA games, and Scrabble is brilliantly designed by the game designer. The game is very smooth and classic. The gameplay is absolutely wonderful, and also provides you a wonderful feel while playing the game. In the latest version, you were allowed to play with the different people around the world and also you need to play with the random opponents.

UNO: UNO is a card game which can be played by the multiplayers and also it is a cross platform game. UNO comes in mobile versions and also it is bright as well as vibrant. UNO has a set of new rules than the ordinary card game, UNO provides huge list of twist and also provides unique way of gameplay. UNO allows you to play with 3 players and also via Wi-Fi, you can play games as you want with your friends.

Modern Combat 3: Modern Combat 3 is a best action game, and also allows you to play with various enemies in the battle ground. Modern Combat 3 game has 6 maps and also it has 7 different game modes which enable you to play randomly with more players. You can play with 12 members in this game.

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