Thursday 27 March 2014

Olympus OM-D E-M10 New Compact Camera

Olympus OM-D E-M10
The acclaimed Olympus E -M1, converted into a camera market benchmark now has a little sister Olympus OM- D E -M10. This is the new E -M10, which endorses many of the benefits and more compact in size with a price that approaches the public. Here are the two features of a camera capable of condensing quality and the design which is easy to use.

This is the camera; everyone will want to carry around. Despite its modest price and size, the E -M10 meets the high expectations that any model of the OM- D family in terms of image quality and ergonomics. Input, can boast of a metal body that gives it strength and ruggedness in a unique camera in its class. In addition to its comfortable grip and extensive configuration options of controls for more advanced users can adjust the operation of the camera to your liking; integrated electronic viewfinder is another one of the key pieces of this E -M10.

With a resolution of more than 1.4 million points and a refresh rate allows you to frame the scenes and assess conditions in difficult light conditions, surpassing other camera in its class in size, the display brightness. But the truth is that it is very common to find similar models equipped with this feature. Thanks to technology adaptation inherited brightness E -M1, played both dark scenes like the brightest as they are perceived by the human eye.

In addition, users of the E -M10 can use the Creative Control system to adjust easily and effective composition, focus, tone and color from display of your own choice and can see the results on the screen, of course, before shooting. The viewfinder and the integrated flash and rugged construction of the camera do not affect its size. In fact, it is combined with the new power zoom M.Zuiko 14-42 mm f3.5 -5.6 EZ, the set size is less than 64 millimeters thick. Less than most SLR bodies are defined as small and compact. The same sensor of 16 megapixel Live MOS, so well which gave its predecessor comes to this camera now reinforced with the help of the new generation TruePic VII processor, the same as the E -M1 uses.

An improvement, as demonstrated by the tests, it is clear when reviewing the results and check that both the level of detail in the images as noise control in the most difficult scenes is not a problem for this model. The new zoom and full range of objectives in this section have a very important role. The renowned quality Olympus optics, compatibility with Four Thirds lenses via an adapter, which opens the door to the wider range of the optical market, and the good work of the engine to deliver a perfect image JPEG with the best possible combination.

The image quality of the E -M10 is also benefited by the three-axis stabilizer for photo and video, which prevents camera shake and blur obtained in any rough situation, even in low light conditions or using exposures of 1/15 seconds or less. The Fast AF focusing system is another key of this E -M10. Thus, the camera uses 81 focus points to ensure coverage throughout the entire scene, with a speedy and accurate performance in all circumstances.

Neither speed burst shooting slump with a spectacular rate of 8 frames per second. Career Paths and classic design combined with next generation features such as integrated Wi- Fi that allows connect the camera directly to a tablet or Smartphone to share images or control the shot remotely. In addition, thanks to the camera QR codes, has never been easier to configure this connection.

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