Tuesday 11 March 2014

Razer Launched Their Own Mechanical Switches For Gaming Keyboards

Razer 1
Razer 2
Razer 3
With the new technology the Razer has busy - and develops new switches that are optimized especially for gamers. But it can be also useful for other PC users. Most of the higher-quality keyboards very often come from the German manufacturer Cherry’s switches and Razer also use the same in his keyboards to date on the technology of the Upper Palatinate company.

It turns Razer just before a new design for the interior of the buttons, called switches. Razer has developed two slightly different versions of the switch: the clicky Razer Green Switch requires triggering a force of 50 g, while the rather quiet Razer Orange Switch needs a force of 45 g to trigger. The signal point to be achieved in both models compared to 1.9 mm, while two competing models used for comparison 2.2mm and 2.0mm need - Razer does not mention any manufacturer, but probably they are the products of Cherry.

The reset point is the green switch by Razer 0.4 mm long and the orange Switch 0.05 mm. With these values Razer sees his keyboards especially for use in computer games at an advantage, for example when it comes to fast double clicks. But the lifetime should be longer than the nameless competitors.

The green and orange Razer indicates 60 million each clicks, the competitor creates depending on the model only 20 million or 50 million. Razer can produce its switches from a third party, but they are having their own experts to ensure the quality on site.

The two new keys should be used for the first time in the series keyboard Black Widow 2014. Other manufacturers of keyboards should be able to install keys in their models. A reader has alerted us that the 2014er models of the Black Widow keyboards already in the online store of Razer on pre-order. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in mid- March 2014, the cheapest model costs around 100 Euros.

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