Monday 24 March 2014

iPhone 5c 8GB Variant Officially Launched

iPhone 5c
Apple launches its colorful Smartphone with a reduced capacity, but with more prices. As expected, Apple has launched a new version of its iPhone 5C colored Smartphone, but with a reduced storage space of 8 GB. Like an iPhone 4, it becomes the new representative of the entry-level terminal of the Cupertino Company.

Apple launches new version of its iPhone 5C, with an amount of storage memory of 8GB allowing the Cupertino to perform two operations in one: refresh its entry level and boost sales of its iPhone 5C. Multicolored Smartphone of Cupertino, who has never sold as well as this much upscale price, the iPhone 5S, released at the same time as it.

iPhone 5C Smartphone features Dimensions : 124.4 × 59.2 × 8.97 mm

Weight: 132 grams Screen (Diagonal): 4 inch

Retina resolution: 1136 by 640 pixels

Processor: A6 chip

Storage: 8 GB (new) 16 or 32 GB

Sensors Photo / Video: 2 (1X 8 megapixel front + back 1 X 1.2 megapixel frontal fa├žade )

Wired connection: A Lightning Port

Wireless: 3G/3G +, 4G -LTE, WiFi a / b / G / n dual band, Bluetooth 4.0

Operating system: iOS

The price of the Smartphone phone iPhone 5C 8GB, of naked and unlocked, comes in five colors (white, pink, and yellow, green, blue) on the Apple site is of 559 Euros. Among operators, the price will drop significantly its value, but it will be coupled with a commitment to minimum. iPhone 5C opportunities terminal Compatible with 3G and 4G -LTE and Perfectly suited for use iOS 7, iPhone 5C is an expensive Smartphone, certainly, but it has this cool little side starved to imposing iPhone 5S .

It has many features like; a gyroscope, a digital compass, a GPS and an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. Module Photo / Video are not the most powerful on the market, but it can shoot Full HD (1080p), while the sensor FaceTime, he will not be satisfied as 720p.

Like the iPhone 5S, taking charging and data transport is "Lightning” type. It needs an adopter to use. According to the manufacturer data, iPhone 5C offers 250 hours standby time, 10 hours video playback, 40 hours of audio playback, 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi or 4G -LTE and 8 hours surfing on 3G. While it seems clear that the arrival of the iPhone 5C 8GB brings a breath of freshness to the input range of Apple, it takes to much crack for him? 559 Euros, the iPhone is a Smartphone 5C entry-level is little bid luxury.

It is expensive, especially when you look at the price of a used iPhone 5S on the Web; it is available between 500 and 650 Euros. This guide is therefore to technology enthusiasts with a desire for a little color in their hardware or to a rather easy of buyers. But then Apple said that the iPhone 6 could be presented to the next developer conference WWDC between 10 and 14 June.

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