Wednesday 12 March 2014

Soon Can Send Scented SMS With oPhone

U.S. researchers have developed a new phone called oPhone, a novel technology for sending perfumed SMS via Smartphone messages to your friends and relatives.

With a small cylindrical object attached to your Smartphone you will soon send perfume smells with your Smartphone. This has designed by the American scientist David Edwards and the Laboratory of Paris; oPhone could be a new form of communication with fragrant smell. The oPhone will especially seduce you with its ease of use.

To send your best scented messages, you can simply connect your oPhone with your Smartphone and choose your recipient. Thanks to a dedicated application designed for this purpose, you can select and configure the smells that you want to send.

 Its operation is very easy and simple to operate. The system contains a so-called "printer" that activates odor cartridges which can thus combine new scents. Lovers may send their better halves with delicate aromas of rose and that will turn to sweeter flavors.

Still the product is in development phase and you may expect the oPhone in the market by middle of the 2014. The oPhone will eventually accompanied by a catalog of nearly 10,000 varieties of smells. We were impressed by this innovation and we look forward to supporting our messages more intoxicating as each other odors. In writing, we would love to send messages to the delicate rose scent to our beloved!

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