Thursday 27 March 2014

Digital Camera Accessories

A great digital camera requires a camera bag full of great accessories to ensure it takes photographs to its full potential. In recent decades, cameras have become more compact, cutting out the need for many expensive and cumbersome accessories. However, there are still several types of accessories the serious digital photographer should try to always have on hand. Here are some DSLR accessories you should consider buying to get the most out of your digital camera.

DSLR Tripod

A DSLR tripod is a three-legged stand on which a camera can be mounted and held steady. It performs the dual tasks of elevating and stabilizing the camera, resulting in pictures that are more in focus. Tripods are not necessarily for taking casual photographs, but they are all but essential when taking long-exposure pictures or when using a camera with a telephoto lens.

DSLR Lenses

Lenses are used to produce different types of shots from a camera. Zoom lenses allow you to focus on faraway objects, wide angle lenses increase the width of a shot, and macro lenses allow the camera to pick up a large amount of detail. All of these special lenses have specific situations in which they are useful, and storing a few in your camera bag can greatly increase the quality of photos that you take.

DSLR Lens Hood

The lens hood is placed at the end of the camera lens to block sunlight or other bright lights that might interfere with getting a perfect shot. The lens food looks like a solid black ring that screws onto the end of the camera lens. It can be unscrewed as necessary to allow more light in.

DSLR Lens Filters

Lens filters are used to achieve different effects on the finished photographs. Some allow only certain types of light - such as ultraviolet - to penetrate the camera, while others perform color correction or add tints to photographs. In modern digital photography, many of the same effects can be achieved through post-production alterations of a picture. However, some photographers still prefer the organic nature of lens filters.

DSLR Cable Release

The cable release replaces controls the shutter speed on digital cameras. In most shots, the shutter is open for just a second, allowing in just enough light to capture the photograph. However, in certain types of photography, it is necessary to leave the shutter open for a long time to create a longer exposure.


A camera bag is an important accessory for keeping your digital camera clean and protected when on the go. A padded bag can shield your camera from many common bumps and accidents. In addition, large camera bags are often outfitted with pockets to hold all your other accessories where you can easily reach them.

DSLR Cleaning Kit

A clean camera is a camera that performs to the best of its abilities. This is why cleaning kits are an essential addition to any list of digital camera accessories. These kits include soft cloths and gentle liquid cleaners that are safe for use around the delicate parts of a camera.

With the right accessories, you might be amazed by how much more professional your photographs look.

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