Thursday 13 March 2014

Google Docs Is Expanding Extensions To Counter Office 365

Google Docs
Google planning to face to counter the competition faced Office 365 moreover Microsoft is developing the capabilities of its desktop service Docs and Sheets through the extensions developed by third-party vendors support. The functionality of desktop services by Google does is not explained more exclusively.

Docs and Sheets (word processing and spreadsheet) can now be functionally enriched by third parties through extensions or add-ons. Google has indeed formalized tools designed by partner developer’s support. To view these applications and integrate them into his office, it is sufficient for the user to click on a new menu “Add-On" in the taskbar.

The only thing remaining is to choose among the extensions and install them and then to exploit the functions they provide. The principle is similar to that of extensions for Chrome – and is preparing it for any other browser. Available modules are around 30 now, and these can be used to perform very specific tasks such as import names and addresses from a spreadsheet into a Docs document, for printing purposes.

Thanks to these third-party extensions , Google should enrich its competitors Office Web applications and make even more serious alternatives to the Microsoft Office Suite, particularly in the context of the business offer Google Apps.

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