Thursday 27 March 2014

World's First Android Thermal Imaging Camera Therm-App

You may be able to make your life little more spicy with your Android Smartphone in darkness. It is a dream come true for some within their budget, and as expected for other functionality. A thermal camera has just been presented by OpgalOptronic.

It offers the ability to shoot in the dark with your Android Smartphone. This infrared camera with a sensor is a revolutionary accessory for Android device. Some interchangeable lenses placed on a small platform and a system available to fix your Smartphone and the other accessories. You’re ready for taking pictures or filming in the dark with Android once they are fixed together.

 Because of technology growth and development man is able to monitor himself and the environment around him with a simple Android Smartphone. Connecting the Smartphone and the camera is via the micro USB port. The sensor range is almost 7 meters with a photographic resolution of 384 x 288.

This little wonder will find its application in various fields such as first aid, observing animals in nature or simply monitoring. Although the patent for the Therm -App comes just been filed and that the release date and price are still unknown, the main customer will remains professional since it can be used for their professional assignments with ease. Note however that the application and hardware in general does not work with Android versions prior to version 4.1.

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