Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Wireless Electricity

Thanks to a revolutionary technique that has been developed, the magnetic field will replace your need for electricity to run your electrical appliances. The news comes from the company Witricity, an American company specializing in new technologies. The Project Director of Witricity, Katie Hall and his team has developed an object that generates a magnetic field capable of powering an electrical device without needing to connect it to an external power supply.

Which mean, that more electrical power is available within the house itself! Imagine a situation that your mobile phone or your laptop is charged without connecting an external power. At this moment, the scope of this device is not extensive ( that is about 1 meter in diameter hence any appliance within the one meter peripheral need not be connected to the power terminal), but researchers are working on a more powerful version and to enhance the distance.

Similarly, it is expected that to recharge the rechargeable batteries with in the distance. Nevertheless, this kind of device works through the waves. And the developers explain that the power signal is very low power one like a Wi -Fi network, it is not known whether it is totally safe just like the Wi -Fi and exposure to the waves and the related issues with health problem in longer term is understudy.

The High power magnetic field is generated by coils and the supply of this magnetic field does not need coils of wires as we needed for the electricity today. We have to wait for the arrival of this wireless power technology. These small magnetic wave generators really revolutionize. Hopefully, it should not be dangerous for your health!

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