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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Sticker That Can Free You from Power Cables and Give Any Gadget Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Energysquare – Wireless charging Sticker

Though some of the gadgets tend to provide wireless charging, several of the products of Apple do not do so. However, there is a new smart sticker known as energysquare which tends to use wireless charging sticker that sticks towards the back of a smartphone, charging numerous devices on a single charging pad. The device, developed by a French company tends to charge various phone of any make simultaneously and at the same speed like a traditional wall charger.

The adhesive and thin stickers have been designed with two conductive dots which tend to directly connect to the battery carrying two conductive electrodes together with a connector that can be plugged in the charging socket of the devices needed to be charged. The charging pad comprise of conductive square which are controlled independently by the unique embedded system of the company.

When the users place their smartphone on the pad, the conductive dots of the stickers connect with two different conductive squares on the pad and the charging tends to start once the physical contact is sensed.The complete charging system is said to be water resistant and does not emit electromagnetic waves, which is compatible with most of the smartphones, inclusive of tablets. It is designed to resist the daily use by being smash proof.

Two Sizes – Square One/Square Two

The charging pads are made available in two sizes, namely Square One and Square Two, featuring `smart sleep mode’ in order to overcome any power waste when not in use. The company on its Kickstarter campaign had stated that `energysquare is a new generation of wireless chargers which will enable you to charge various devices at the same speed as classic chargers by just placing it on an ultra-tin pad.

No induction, or electromagnetic waves, we are using our own patented conductive charging technology’. Energysquare is on the lookout for $33,630 through the online campaign where $73,539 has been raised from 758 backers with 20 days remaining for the campaign. Consumers would be receiving one charging pad together with five stickers with a $44 pledge and the retails price is said to be $91 to $106.

No Loss of Energy

It is said the energysquare can charge any type of smartphone having a micro-USB, USB kind C or lightning connector. The energysquare team have stated that unlike the induction charging, there is no loss of energy and several of the devices can be charged on wide surfaces at the same time’. If one prefers to keep utilising a classic charger, you could just unplug the sticker temporally and then plug it back when done with. The energysquare has stated that the charging smartphones as well as the tablets is said to be only the beginning, and the more compatible objects tend to exist, the more value for you.

It adds that as their objective was to enable any connected device be energysquare compatible, they had created an open source standard which permitted any device manufacturer or technology enthusiastic to make energysquare compatible products. The project is said to be in its pre-industrialization stage where many working beta prototypes have been dispersed to real people, offices and families.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Wireless Electricity

Thanks to a revolutionary technique that has been developed, the magnetic field will replace your need for electricity to run your electrical appliances. The news comes from the company Witricity, an American company specializing in new technologies. The Project Director of Witricity, Katie Hall and his team has developed an object that generates a magnetic field capable of powering an electrical device without needing to connect it to an external power supply.

Which mean, that more electrical power is available within the house itself! Imagine a situation that your mobile phone or your laptop is charged without connecting an external power. At this moment, the scope of this device is not extensive ( that is about 1 meter in diameter hence any appliance within the one meter peripheral need not be connected to the power terminal), but researchers are working on a more powerful version and to enhance the distance.

Similarly, it is expected that to recharge the rechargeable batteries with in the distance. Nevertheless, this kind of device works through the waves. And the developers explain that the power signal is very low power one like a Wi -Fi network, it is not known whether it is totally safe just like the Wi -Fi and exposure to the waves and the related issues with health problem in longer term is understudy.

The High power magnetic field is generated by coils and the supply of this magnetic field does not need coils of wires as we needed for the electricity today. We have to wait for the arrival of this wireless power technology. These small magnetic wave generators really revolutionize. Hopefully, it should not be dangerous for your health!