Friday 14 March 2014

Both Google and Microsoft do not want dual OS !

Asus Transformer TD300
Marketing of hybrid Asus Transformer TD300 which was to offer both Windows and Android is indeed stopped under pressure from Google and Microsoft. At CES Las Vegas 2014, the manufacturer prestigiously announced Asus Transformer hybrid TD300, which had the distinction of taking both Android and Windows to switch from one to the other in seconds.

This device rather special was designed in collaboration with Intel and must show the flexible use of Intel processors can handle both OS with the same chipset. However, that Google was not very enthusiastic about the idea, fearing perhaps that will promote the interests of Microsoft. The Wall Street Journal, however, reported that the group Redmond has also lobbied opposite for the hybrid Asus Transformer TD300.

In his case, he would fear to see Google may invite fresh competition on the market for business computers, is trying to protect Microsoft marketing efforts. Asus should also stop marketing its computers Asus All in One P1801 and p1802 which also proposed Dual OS, due to a change in policy of Microsoft it will no longer show its support to this type of system.

These conflicts may be related to the Group's strategy of Redmond seeking royalties from all stakeholders the Android ecosystem with respect to its patents. Intel’s idea is to offer processors from which manufacturers could for example allow their customers to choose their OS at the time of purchase, which is always better than from getting caught up in a single partnership. Note this is the trend of dual OS which is going to finds its way on Smartphones also between Android and Windows Phone; Karbonn and manufacturers Huawei is ready to launch their product.

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