Wednesday 12 March 2014

Android Powered Soap Smart Router To Operate At Your Fingertips

Soap Router
This router is operated by touch screen and to be designed as more user friendly than any other Routers. The router is going to play a dominant role in our homes. The Router is a middleman between the Internet and all other connecting devices in the home or office who want to access it. Most of the set up of the router is only once and then hope that they never have to do something about it unless otherwise needed to modify.

The Soap smart router will now not very much can, but has also remain particularly easy to use. It is powered by Android and thereby controlled by Smartphone, tablet, PC, or in the top model with an integrated touch screen 7 inch wide. The Soap router sees itself in addition to the traditional Wi -Fi up to the latest standard 802.11ac also on numerous wireless protocols that are required for some smart light switches, light bulbs and similar devices.

These include Zigbee and Z -Wave. And for those who prefer the classic cable there are four Gigabit Ethernet ports in the face. Above all it is designed by creators to safety of the user; more precisely the user can specify which web sites may be called in just like "white list” or which are not to be called in "blacklist". You can set access restrictions, and can even see who is looking at what is on the net for children in the household. In addition, the router Soap protects loud its inventors also against “threats from the network“. He is making fools of, for example, hackers, in which he feigns vulnerability, which is none at all.

Malware and phishing attacks it filters according to the maker of active. These features, however, are neither new nor sensational; many routers offer these and other things. The Soap settings can be do via Android and touch screen very easy and can use many of the features. In addition to the touch screen you can use the soap also as a Smartphone app that will give it for Android and the iPhone.

And who wants to save a little money, can order now the Soap model called Soap Essentials which is available without display. Soap Touch is of 135 Euros and the devices will be available in the market from October 2014. Now the project is of Kick starter and need more finance.

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