Tuesday 25 March 2014

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot on Mac, Linux and Chrome OS

ADB and Fastboot useful Tools for Kernel and Image
Android users should be aware of the importance of the powerful tools of ADB and Fastboot to download and install the full Android SDK, add ADB and fastboot to local $PATH. These users whether new or veteran at some point of time would have to use tools like Android Debug Bridge and Fastboot and ADB setup on the computer is most essential for every Android user without which one would be unable to flash a kernel or system image. The ADB is not only a useful tool for flashing kernels and image but also utilized for different types of development as well as for testing. The functions of unlocking boot loader, rooting and flashing system imaged for users of Nexus, Motorola and HTC devices may be impossible without the use of ADB and Fastboot commands.

Exciting Tool by XDA Forum Member
Fastboot and ADB are invaluable for most of the Android users the absence of which would make it difficult or rather impossible for flashing kernel or system image. The process is simple and the easiest method to install the drivers wherein a command is needed to run and install the drivers. Experienced users can download the Android SDK by clicking a few times and adding ADB and Fastboot to $PATH and explore with latest ROMs and kernels. Mac, Linux and Chrome OS users would find an exciting tool by XDA Forum Member, corbin052198, useful where the Nexus Tools script detect the OS automatically and then downloads and configures everything needed to use ADB on the machine. The absence of the udev list, that makes the device `visible’, for debugging, can easily be fixed by this thread.
Running Command to Setup ADB and Fastboot
Running the command can setup the ADB and fastboot drivers on the machine and for running it, a working network connection on the computer is essential. Presently Nexus Tools commands work perfectly on Mac OS and Linux systems while at the moment, the support for Chrome OS is listed to be experimental. Nexus Tools though not a program as the name suggest, is a string of command line given below wherein the user can use it to issue command in a terminal window on Mac OS X, Chrome OS and Linux computer.

bash <(curl https://raw.github.com/corbindavenport/nexus-tools/master/install.sh )
As the script needs to runs as root, it asks for sudo to enable it to copy all the necessary downloaded files to usr or bin making them available system wide. To uninstall ADB, the following command provided can be used.

bash <(curl https://raw.github.com/corbindavenport/nexus-tools/master/uninstall.sh)
Setting ADB and Fastboot has become very simple now for Linux, Mac or Chrome OS and users should note that before using ADB or Fastboot on Android devices, one must enable USB debugging on the device first to get it to work. Once the ADB and Fastboot is installed users could check for guidance on modding or hacking the phone and the best option to start is at dotTech on how to root guides. Another option for Android hacking and slashing could be XDA Developers where the user will get sufficient guidance and useful tips. User could stay updated with forthcoming information on technology and gain knowledge at Mono-live.com

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