Wednesday 19 March 2014

Samsung Develops A Device To Turn Hands Into Virtual Keyboard

Samsung Virtual Keyboard

Samsung Virtual Keyboard 2
Just Imagine you meet someone in the street with his thumbs typing frantically on his knuckles. Thus Samsung imagined the future, and designed their virtual keyboard, through augmented reality glasses, would be projected on the user's fingers. And our fingers are sufficient for themselves. Rather than tapping on a keyboard, the Samsung engineers have created a technology virtual keyboard where the keys are placed on the fingers towards the palm of the hand, with wearable device connected.

Thumbs are free and have the sole purpose of tapping fingers. The display characters would, in turn, the three phalanges of the remaining 8 fingers. According to the pictures of the patent, it would also be possible to have only one hand on which is reflected letters, and the organization could depend on the comfort of the user, which would have the choice of putting his hands to the horizontally or vertically of his convenience. Today, we know that Samsung is planning a release of these connected in the course of the year, in the wake of Google Glass glasses.

And that's what patent filed with the World Intellectual protection (WIPO), between the glasses connected to this revolutionary system that could delight geeks. And this is even more impressive as the holographic keyboard device. Visible inside the phalanges with the glasses, the letters are there and so it is possible to write a message. This may be an alternative to speech recognition. Two things are singled out in the patent reported by futura - sciences. Malfunction of voice recognition in noisy environments and the lack of discretion and confidentiality and speak aloud. Such a system is still very futuristic; hard to imagine tomorrow it will be only between our fingers.

To guess which letter is typed, the system will have to analyze the movements with precision. Not an easy task! And that success is complete, it will equip the glasses with sophisticated technology and it may be more expensive. Clearly, it is impossible today to say that this virtual keyboard will come to market one day, or even a prototype is created in the future, unlike the holographic keyboards, whose demonstrations have impressed much of the Web.

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