Thursday 13 March 2014

WhatsApp Update Brings New Features

Android users can pay the WhatsApp subscription for their friends now. In addition, the update brings more data protection and eliminates errors in Samsung and Sony handsets. For users with Android Smartphones, a new version of WhatsApp Instant Messenger is available for download in Google's Play Store.

In contrast to the usual updates the fresh version brings a whole bunch of new feature to your Smartphone. So you finally fit in the privacy options of the app to who can see when you online including your profile picture and your status. In addition to the basic setting "Everyone" now have the options "My Contacts" and "No” to choose from your list.

The second major innovation was recently acquired by Facebook company introduces the ability to take on the resulting cost of service for a friend. For Android users to use this service a year for free of charge. Subsequently, a fee of 0.89 Euro per year will be charged.

 In addition to some bug fixes for Smartphones from Sony and Samsung, the makers have improved the delivery of images by means of new camera shortcuts. In addition, advertises the update with the improved preview feature of video in chat messages, and a new widget to display unread messages on the home screen.

However, these special features will function on the device of at least Android 3.0 installed. In addition, the update let you save profile pictures and group icons and share them with friends now.

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