Saturday 29 March 2014

Microsoft Brings Office Suite to Apple’s iPad For Free

Office for iPad
Microsoft has just announced the introduction of a new version of its Office package Office for the iPad and other mobile devices. At the same time, the software giant gave an overview of his plans for the “Microsoft Mobile Cloud" too. Office for iPad in the App Store of Apple's iOS will be available now. First, the applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the mobile operating system of Microsoft's competitors are released and available now.

Office and Microsoft Excel on the iPad are come with a special numeric keyboard; Microsoft has developed a special surface for Office on the iPad. This combines the design of Apple's operating system with Microsoft's design language and offers other things, from the desktop version Ribbon interface, where various adjustments can be made to the touch controls on the tablet. Among other things, there are special onscreen keyboards for entering data and various editing functions with regard to the touch surface.

In this way, text files, spreadsheets and presentations are supposed to be created in the future on an iPad easily. Microsoft has integrated a function for parallel editing content. In this way, multiple users can work simultaneously on the same document. Files are stored in Microsoft's cloud so that when a connection is lost nothing is lost everything will be intact and you can get the last saved data from the cloud. For basic functionality, of course, also include the various formatting functions with which data, texts and presentations can be prepared.

The real data are used as the basis for preview graphics. PowerPoint also offers the option to use the fingers of the user as a kind of laser pointer, if you want to give the presentation to an audience, making use of the iPad. Microsoft relies on a “freemium" business model, in which the iPad version of Office is available on the App Store for free. However, you can watch with this version only documents and presentations. Who also want to edit the Office documents, an office must complete 365 subscriptions.

For all customers who have already subscribed to Office 365, the iPad app is available as a free supplement to the existing range available. Who wants to try Office for the iPad, you can start a 30 - day trial and should therefore be able to get free Office on your new Apple tablet. In future, the software company plans to market the touch version of Office for Windows and other popular operating systems. From this it is very clear that the software will be available for Android soon.

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