Thursday 6 March 2014

Opera 20 With Better Speed Dial Operation

Opera 20
Opera Software has released new version Opera 20 of their browser, which relies on Google's Chromium engine for some time. Above all, there are improvements in the speed dial operation and drag-and- drop capability also has been enhanced. With Opera 20, the Norwegian browser receives once again features the owners of Presto - execution have long been accustomed to.

Since Opera is changed months ago on Google's Chromium engine, the manufacturer is busy trying to integrate the functions of Opera 12.x in the new product. Many features are still missing the with the Chromium version that users of the Presto version have long been known. The latest version brings new features, especially around the speed-dial operation and bookmark management.

The speed dial settings have been updated and the user can change the size of the speed dial icons in the Chromium version. This setting is especially useful for users who have a lot of speed-dial entries and this can reduce accordingly in order to have in view as far as possible all. Speed Dial entries can be moved by drag -and-drop with the mouse in the bookmark bar.

Conversely, it is now possible to conveniently store this as the new speed dial entry that an open web page with the mouse. Was also expanded the Opera menu in order to access frequently used functions directly above it can. On Mac systems, a confirmation dialog can be activated when the browser using keyboard shortcuts Command -Q quits. This is to prevent that the browser is accidentally terminated. In addition browser -Themes load faster and bugs have been fixed.

Opera 20 is available free for Windows and Mac OS X and available for download. The Linux version of Opera does not exist with Chromium engine. In recent years, there have been too few new features. Opera has squandered his reputation, to be considered as manufacturer of a fast browser with special abilities. Since then, Opera Software has changed to the Chromium engine that finds no more development on the browser instead of Presto engine.

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