Wednesday 12 March 2014

Twitter Launches Click To Call Option In Their Advertisements

The social network is currently experimenting "click to call" with some of the advertisements, including Google and Yelp button.

This feature should be introduced in the coming months. Twitter has confirmed that it is currently testing a button “click to call“that appears on some advertisements to allow users to contact the advertiser directly by phone. This new feature will help micro blogging service to hold it in the segment of local advertising.

For example any business can use this type of advertisements to reach their target audience more effectively. With this function twitter will help the advertiser to get their targeted audience from a relevant geographic targeting to reach the right audience.

To do this, advertisers can use the postcode particulars. Twitter so far does not mention the brands participating in this experiment, but the Wall Street Journal mentioned that Google and Yelp are participating. This new option of contact should be commissioned in the forthcoming months.

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