Wednesday 12 March 2014

What is Predictive Dialler Software?

The myriad of offers for Predictive Dialler Software is baffling and will surely spark even the savviest and most tech aware businessman’s curiosity because in reality, its purpose and features remain unknown to a vast majority of people, despite the fact that they are widely used in business-client communication.


To lay confusion to rest, Predictive Diallers are outbound call processing systems specifically designed for elevated levels of activity and are proven cost effective solutions for contact centres. Not to be confused with ‘automatic phone dialler’ or ‘preview dialler’, which allow you to manage salesperson’s calls, a predictive dialler is capable of automatically making telephone calls to a list of numbers, screening any irrelevant or unfeasible calls such as the ones that return busy signals or answering machine messages. The diallers will then connect the customers with assigned representatives and will repeat the process to maximize the company’s potential for dealing with a high volume of calls, improving employee productivity.


There are various devices that will perform similar actions, such as off-the-shelf modems and bygone telephony boards, but the high maintenance costs and prices involved make them inefficient. Predictive Dialler Software, on the other hand, is at the forefront of telemarketing, survey, payment collection and service follow-up solutions, as it bypasses up-front capital expense and consistent resource-drenching costs of hardware-based diallers.

As such, there is a large array of hosted dialler software available on the market, for instance, the ability to integrate with CRMs, with dashboards and customer reports, real-time caller count, average handle time reports, tablet and mobile app features, lead generators and so on. Bursting at the seams with forefront technological features, this software is absolutely vital for contact centres that need to be in permanent contact with their customers.


In the UK, predictive dialler technology is regulated by Ofcom to abandon no more than 3 per cent of its answered calls on a daily basis. The regulatory authority also mandates that a call should be considered ‘abandoned’ if an agent or caller is not assigned to the call within 2 seconds. In such cases, an automated message is to be played to the customer, in which the identity of the company, the purpose of the call, as well as a standard rate or a free phone number to call back should be provided. Further prohibition applies to the content of the message, in that there should be no form of marketing included. Additionally, the call back number given to the customers is to provide him with the opportunity to have their numbers removed from the calling list and the conversation must be entirely void of marketing content. Additionally, the ‘abandoned’ calls must not be redialled until 72 hours have expired, unless an agent is assigned.

Advantages Of Predictive Dialler Software

The obvious advantage of using Predictive Dialling Software is the fact that a consistent flow of outbound calls are made, keeping agents constantly busy and productive, increasing call turnaround and allowing contact centres to maximize their output, attracting more and more clients and customers. What's more, these systems will automatically. By recording important information concerning agents' performance, the system also ensures that their efforts are rewarded based on report results, consequently maintaining company standards and improving quality performance indicators. Additionally, by avoiding unfeasible calls, contact centres avoid dealing with disgruntled clients who appreciate a peaceful, quiet life, free of distractions such as constant telephone rings.

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