Wednesday 12 March 2014

Earclip type Wearable PC

Japanese scientists developed a computer available to users as an ear clip or a headset that can wear on your head. The device can be controlled with an eye wink or with the tongue.

It is a remarkable device, at first glance it looks like a large hearing aid or a headset for your cell phone, but it is a small personal computer that Kazuhiro Taniguchi has evolved from the Hiroshima City University with his team. Currently it is in test phase. The 17 -gram device should be equipped with Bluetooth, among other things, it has GPS and data storage, speakers and microphone feature.

It can be able to connect to a mobile device; the operation can be controlled with the facial expressions or mouth, for example, on the movements of the tongue or raising an eyebrow. Apparently corresponding sensors can detect muscle movements and act accordingly to the command. The hands of the user need not require navigating in any case for the operation of the system, for example, when climbing or on a motorbike could use and should also be suitable for people with disabilities, the makers advertise their prototypes.

It is similar to Google Glass in which a small computer an attempt as close as possible to the human body and make it portable accessories. The ear clip computer can also check the health of the user who carries it. It is suitable to use as a hearing aid and can monitor the body functions of the user, such as tracking the pulse or body temperature and record how often the user eats something or sneeze.

Even if the user crashes, the device should be able to find the same and can possibly call an ambulance or notify relatives, the makers promise. The bulky working title for the device currently reads “Earclip -type Wearable PC”, a portable personal computer which is like an ear clip. Taniguchi and his team plan to develop the device with in years and ready to bring in the April 2016 to the market.

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