Friday 21 March 2014

One glass of water is enough to wash your clothes!

After a long wait, the first real innovation for over 60 years has emerged in the field of washing machines. This revolutionary technology using polymer beads, radically changing the way you do your laundry. Traditional washing machines rely heavily on large amounts of hot water, a vigorous mechanical action and chemicals to remove stains and disinfect tissues.

The use of a large amount of hot water and detergent to get cleaned clothes with brute force, which uses water as if it were an infinite resource. The traditional types of washing using our washing machine waste our valuable energy and resources. The founders of Xeros saw obvious opportunities for improvement of the washing process.

They examined the waste from washing machines on the market and planned to use the brilliant properties of polymers in a fundamentally different system of traditional washing machines, more efficient and more profitable system and succeeded in it. This is where the polymer beads come in to Xeros. These beads replace water as the primary cleaning agent, greatly reducing the amount of water necessary to obtain clean cloth water. The beads may act to remove oil and fat more effectively than water.

The total amount of water used greatly reduces the cleaning cycle and it can be run at lower temperatures, thus reducing energy costs. While the detergent is still a part of the process would use only xeros half of what would be used with a conventional machine. The beads can be used hundreds of times in a Xeros machine and are then 100% recyclable, which means they have virtually no impact on the environment. It saves 47% electricity and 72% water.

Although Xeros has already managed to accomplish a lot with his unique cleaning system is only the beginning of the possibilities of polymer beads. Teams of research and development continually strive to improve and expand their capabilities. They work on specific new and exciting applications for this technology.

With this innovation, washing clothes will not be as expensive as before and preserve the environment. Indeed, there is a massive reduction in water use as well as the removal of washing products that are replaced by the balls. We cannot wait to use the Xeros machine! And you, would you be willing to use one glass of water in this machine I hope!

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