Thursday 27 March 2014

Alcatel OneTouch With Wysips Technology

Wysips Technology
Alcatel will probably be the first manufacturer a full range of Smartphones and tablets solar power in the second quarter of 2015 in the market. Behind this innovation, a French company Sunpartner, and photovoltaic technology Wysips which reserves more surprises. We already talked last year about Wysips Chrystal technology. In this technology transparent photovoltaic film and ultrathin moved to a display sub- layer and can charge a Smartphone in natural light. The French company SunPartner continues to develop Wysips and has now ready to move to the production stage through a partnership with Alcatel (TCT Mobile).

The latter has just unveiled the first prototype Smartphone using solar Wysips at MWC. This test is performed with the Alcatel One Touch Phone, an entry level model from the manufacturer. Alcatel One Touch could be the first to produce and market this type of device. Robcis Francis, vice president of SunPartner’s marketing and sales shed more light on it. But Aix Company planning to go to the industrial stage is their very short-term goal. The development of a new product does not happen overnight, it takes many months if not over a year between the idea and the placing on the market.

Alcatel One Touch, we believe reasonably come to market the first products in the second quarter of 2015. They are able to equip Smartphones and tablets with screens from 4 to 13 inches. Alcatel One Touch will confirm it and it will be equipped with the technology next year Wysips full range of products. The issue price for the end user is the sinew of war. They are now have to face an average additional cost of 20-30 % on the price of a standard screen and these costs to the base between 15 and 20 dollars (average end screens ), said Francis Robcis.

Likely the manufacturer may increase of a few Euros to integrate Wysips but not more, per device it seems. So soon you will have a photo voltaic ultra- fine screen, transparent 90%, which is placed behind the screen of your Smartphone. This Alcatel could therefore charge during the use since the screen has a light. Currently, Wysips Crystal technology achieves an efficiency of 2.5 mW / cm 2 for a 90% transparency. On a 4-inch screen with a 1800 mAh battery, it should be 100 hours to fully charge an empty battery.

Understandably, a charger is therefore always necessary even if five hours of exposure to allow a cell to recharge for a sufficient use several hours. Wysips produces as much electricity the appliance consumes. They are guaranteeing with a reserve battery to permanently secure many applications (music, emergency call, SMS, remote payment, health application, boarding pass, etc.) un interrupted.

This Smartphone can also integrate the new Wysips, making it compatible LiFi (Light fidelity). This solution allows simultaneously charging the battery but also to receive information transmitted by visible light waves (Visible Light Communication - VLC) without tapping into the electric battery from the device.

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