Saturday 15 March 2014

Handy Apps to Connect Your Computer To Android Devices

Airdroid Apps
In the present scenario of connectivity, users have been switching from Smartphone to tablet to computer throughout the day for various reasons either to get in touch with someone and stay connected, to play games and much more. There may be times when one may like to have more control over a mobile device right from the computer and with upgrades on the rise, all these functions have been improving making most of our system of working much easier and faster with advanced apps enabling us to transfer control from Android device to the computer. There are apps which help to transfer control from an Android device to the computer enabling the user to make changes to their phone from their computer. These applications help in various functions namely sending mobile messages from the PC, push files, to receive notifications for phone on the desktop, custom messages to and from PC and Android devices. All these apps have helped users in numerous ways enhancing the system of connectivity and the overall working system.

Airstream without any transfer Problems

Airstream helps to stream out all the files on the desktop to an Android device along with access to one’s folders wherein one can get access to any files stored on the computer besides songs and videos. The server needs to be run on the computer followed by the app on the Android device to access the computer without any limits or transfer problems.

Airdroid Apps for Wirelessly Transfers of Files

Another easier method of wirelessly transferring of file from an Android device to the desktop is the AirDroid which helps to connect the computer to the phone via the free Airdroid app. Users can utilize the web interface to view videos, photos, take screenshots, move or delete files in the Android device and also send SMS.

Polkast – Secret Tunnel

Polkast is another amazing app which creates a secret tunnel between the Android device and the computer for secure and easy access to the files. It also has a super search feature which enables the user to search anything on the computer right from an Android device. Moreover it also has a Smart Cache feature for only cache files that can be downloaded and delete older files making space for the latest ones.

TeamViewers – Remote Access

Users can remotely access their computers while they are away with the TeamViewer app for Android. With the use of multi touch functions, files can be transferred from Android device to any computer by easily editing documents or accessing particular software and one can download TeamViewer from Google Play Store.

PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

Users can access files on remote Mac or Windows computer with PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC wherein they can get hold of important documents, presentations and reports. They can do the editing and email documents from any location since PocketCloud have the capabilities to connect to computers running VNC or RDP. Moreover, the set up process is also simple wherein the user can punch in the IP address to get connected and this app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Control computer’s Desktop with Android VNC Viewer 

Control on computer’s desktop from Android device can be done with Android VNC Viewer which comes with a trackpad style mouse for easy use of tap and drag gestures to control areas on the screen. This can be connected to any Mac OS X, Windows, Linus or UNIX computer with the help of a VNC server and this app can also be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Mobizen App controls Android Device on PC

Mobizen app helps the user to control their Android device on their PC enabling them to transfer files, screen capture and recording, backup and restore, onscreen drawing together with handling notifications on their Android device. Besides this, the app also has the capabilities of sending text messages from the PC.

Mighty Text for small keyboard

With small keyboard on Android device making it difficult to edit long text messages, MightyText helps to write the same on the computer and send it to the recipient. This app can be installed and connected to a Google account and the web app can be accessed from the given url. Pop up on browser on incoming messages will show up which can also be used as a backup for restoring SMS or MMS messages should some problem arise on the device. Besides this, conversations also on the phone will be automatically synced.

Message Beam, a Browser Extension

Message Beam, being a browser extension is also available as an app which can be used to send a title, line or an URL from the PC to an Android device. This can be done by copying and pasting the line to the required field and sent across.

Pushbullet an Amazing app

Pushbullet is another popular app which has come up from merely pushing files, addresses or information to an Android device to mirroring Android device notification to the PC while dismissing phone notifications from the PC. Moreover, one can also push files to a friend’s phone, storing uploaded files in their server making it easy to push out.

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