Tuesday 18 March 2014

Adobe Revel For Android

Adobe Revel
Adobe has made provision for Android users, its Revel photo app enabling them to share as well as edit photos on their Android devices. It is an app wherein users can now share, store, manage photos and videos, and create albums, sharing them via social media, edit pictures, adding captions and comments to photos. Revel enables the user to have all memories wherever they go, a photo app for Mac, iPad and Iphone and Android users can now subscribe to Revel (Carousel) which is Apple’s only photo collaboration service and with its new Revel importer, Android app enables the user to upload images from Android device into the Carousels.

Users can also set it on auto upload as well as upload straight from the camera and when the photos are selected, the app indicates whether they are transferred or not. By importing photos into Revel, one can access them anywhere. You can organize the photos using captions and albums, by cropping and applying looks to create excellent photos while at the same time the option to share albums privately on Adobe Revel.com or even post photos to Twitter, Facebook etc.

Revel is free and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App stores while Revel downloads for Mac can be done from Mac App Stores. Users can also access Revel browser based version at AdobeRevel.com which includes all the features of Revel excluding the ability to edit photos. In case of editing photos, the Revel app is essential. With Revel, one can import as many photos as possible for the first thirty days and thereafter the user is limited to fifty photo imports every month.

If more photos need to be imported, users can upgrade to Revel Premium which enables them to import as many photos of their choice for a cost of Indian Rs. 350 per month and this upgrade can be done as an in app purchase within the Revel app. The files are stored for two years after using the service and the photos can be removed anytime by deleting them with the help of the Revel app. Adobe Revel presently supports JPEG files and the Revel team has more plans to add support for additional file formats in the near future.

With technology upgrading and great progress being done, Revel which works like email has all the photos securely stored in the cloud that can be accessed using the Revel app on your Android device and whatever is done in Revel, is automatically synced across the device enabling the user with the latest photos as well as the photo edits irrespective of which device is used.

The app can also be utilized to create group library where certain photos can be shared with family or friends of their choice with control over the viewing, adding, editing and organizing the images within the group, it was stated. Revel is available all over the world and supports languages like French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean.

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