Friday 21 March 2014

Firefox 29 Beta With New Interface Released!

Firefox 29 Beta
Mozilla has released Firefox 29 in a first beta version, which already shows the new Australia interface. In addition to new tabs, especially the look of buttons and dialogs of the browser have been changed. In addition, the synchronization service of Firefox Sync is included. The new interface does away with the user interface and reduces the number of continuously visible buttons.

First, the tabs have been greatly changed and slide close to the upper edge of the browser. This saves space for the actual web page content. The active tab has strongly curved edges, while the outlines of the remaining riders are only hinted at and only then visually distinguished when the user moves the mouse over a tab. This affects the surface much tidier without the user mentioned in unknown territory.

Changes also have made in the shortcuts for the bookmarks, downloads, the home page and the main menu will be displayed. You are migrated next to the Google search bar to the right edge. The main menu has undergone the greatest changes and now shows for the first time in the desktop versions buttons for cut, copy, and paste elements.

In addition, new private and browser windows can be opened, saved pages, can take print of them. Also, the add-on sub menus and the developer tools are found in the same window. The Firefox cloud services under the name Sync and Profiles in the Cloud also can be accessed from the menu. With them, browser settings can be kept in sync together with bookmarks across multiple devices.

Anyone wants to use the new sync function, requires a new account. The final version of Firefox 29 will be release on 29 April 2014 The Firefox 29 Beta is available for Linux, Windows and OS X for download. In Google Play also the Beta version for Android has been released and available now.

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