Saturday 15 March 2014

Google Play Store Updated And Brings More Saftey

Google Play Store
The Google Play Store for Android has received an update to version 4.6.16. The update is currently being rolled out and should reach all supported devices within the next few days.

Alternatively, now you can install the APK file. The update includes new safety features when buying apps to secure the users interest. So you can now specify in the settings that the Google password must be entered before any app purchase.

In addition, in-app purchases it will be clearly marked and displayed in the app permissions. More over several applications can be installed simultaneously in this new version. This is especially useful if you want to install your previously downloaded apps on a new phone.

The new Google Play is already available as an APK file for free download. If you do not manually update it then you will receive the update automatically within the next few days on his Android Smartphone.

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