Wednesday 19 March 2014

Best Dialer Apps for Android

With cell phones upgrades on the rise and being the most essential product among every user, it has made great impact and enhanced the various functions in our daily way of life. The little green or blue icon in the shape of old school headphone enables users to call friends and family, hear them and keep in touch with them. Android handsets are equipped with pre installed dialer app which is quite good, offering all the necessary functions and users can try something unusual if inclined to do so, with the flexibility of Android and replace it with a lighter, simpler and more powerful alternative, few of which are now available in the Google Play Store.

Capabilities to Download Plugins

With various types of dialer replacements for Android, most of them have the same function and while some are free, there are others that come with a price. The few and the most popular one that stand out is the GO Contacts which is free, incredibly customized and tweakable. Similar to GO Contacts is the aContact which is more of an address book with the exception of the default UI which is much sharper and intuitive. The best speed dialer which builds on the stock dialer’s features is the Dialer One which enables the user to download a number of plug ins and make the tool functional. Dialer app with interface built upon tabs is a well designed featured with integrated phone book together with messages list accompanied with swipe gestures for intuitive and easy navigation.

It supports contact groups for easy organization with capabilities to search within or across groups. It can also automatically connect to and organize Google contacts on installation. Besides this it also supports SMS and email on long pressing a contact and `send contact’ to transfer contact information to the recipient and replaces dialer enabling the user to filter, based on incoming, outgoing, missed or answered together with voicemail calls or even set up own call filters. Moreover it can also download contacts picture from Facebook and Google and send reminders about birthdays and other important events.

More Apps – KitKat/RocketDial/PixelPhone

Another app based on the official Android 4.4 is the KitKat Dialer offering a sleek interface together with beautiful animations and transitions. Besides this, there is a built in predictive search, voice mail support and call log with capabilities to change the phone ringtone, to set it on vibration or dial pad touch tones and voice input. RocketDial, is another powerful dialer app of advanced features with focus on contacts and event management wherein users can create and delete groups, or send SMS, emails, set a group ringtone as well as view all shared events like meetings and birthdays. 

It also supports gestures inclusive of handwriting, offered with four dial pad styles accompanied with ten skins to customize the interface. The PixelPhone is another powerful phone app offering customization options of interesting features with integrated phone book and favorites. It also has group tabs and T9 based dialer supporting various gestures and is smooth and fast which opens quickly with the ability to browse call history.

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