Tuesday 11 March 2014

Top 10 - Chat Tools For Effective Communication

Google hangout
We live in a fast track world with various options in improving our system of working with the help of advanced technology. In the present scenario where communication takes priority in every system of working, technology plays a very important role in the overall system with the internet giving way to the quickest means of communication anywhere across the globe and for an efficient way of working it is essential to stay in touch, coordinate and implement the necessary output needed for smooth functioning. With the choice of various options now made available for better communication, we have some of the best and popular communications tools which include old as well as new tools that can help to stay in touch from any location of the world and since each communication tool differs from the other one can make the choice in selecting the best way suitable to stay in touch with effective communication.

Google Chat Service
Google Chat presently is one of those popular chat services and is directly integrated with Gmail and Google Apps inbox. Users can also add Google Talk to Pidgin or other popular chat application or their desktop app though it works amazingly from the browser. Moreover the user can also engage in voice as well as video call from Gmail in their browser where their chat logs can also be saved in Gmail inbox.

Skype Communication
Skype, best known for cost cutting voice calls over the internet to traditional phones is also great for video chats. One can have the option of group video chats up to 10 individuals at a time and this is one of the most favored choices among many users. Another feature of Skype text chats is that the user can send messages even when the other is offline bringing the convenience of email to IM.

HipChat Applications
Another fast growing option for team collaboration is HipChat which offers more than a chat interface. One can share files with the help of this application for mobile, web or desktop computers. Moreover the group chat is also beneficial since users can embed photos or various other media intending to be shared.

Yammer Private group communication
Users who do not want their communications to be public will find the Yammer tool appropriate for their private group communication which permits only people with company email addresses to sign into their network. Once it is set up, the user can engage in its simple micro blogging services by updating the status, send messages and even form groups for private team communication within the company.

Jaconda – a Classic team Chat Solution 
Jaconda is a good choice for a classic team chat solution which is free for thirty days though it does have some costs along with a paid account. Their services feature a number of chat rooms with support for very large teams and medium to large company.

Podio – Full backend Management Suite
Podio another solution is a full backend management suite for project which needs to handle various users where the signup is free under a five member team. Users can try out their large number of application using the free account where apps like, to do task, calendars and chatrooms are available.

Twitter Connect 
Twitter is increasingly gaining popularity helping many to get connected with most of them joining Twitter to follow popular writers and celebrities besides friends, family and coworkers. It is a great way of keeping in touch and getting to know quickly on what is going on or even to send a private direct message for things which need not be public, to see what is being said about products and services and an opportunity to directly support customers.

Azendoo Free Personal Service
Azendoo is a free personal service with a project management service enabling a full company-wide group managing individual projects where the chat system is the same as Facebook wherein users can get private messages as well as notifications. The user also has the options to leave comments based on certain projects within the group.

Hall – Solution for Project Management
Hall is an appropriate choice in solving project management and the application is free for personal account which is worth signing up and getting familiar with the interface. Hall offers both group chat as well as private chat together with video conferencing where all the products of the chats are saved. In advanced paid plans, users can also search through chat logs for any specific keywords and the first five users have the facility of free accounts, with 1 GB free storage and one on one video.

Flowdock – Constant means of Communication
Flowdock is branded as a `team inbox with chat’ offering desktop and mobile application. It has some good features which helps to work as a constant means of communication and is very slim with features in comparison to full project management tools. Below five users, in the team can use this app for free and once the user limit is crossed, a charge of $3 per head per month is applicable which can work well for medium sized team.

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