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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Google Docs API allows users to Automate many of the Things they did Manually

Google Docs API
Google recently announced an API for Google Docs. This new Google Docs API will allow users to automate many of the things that they did manually in the company’s online office suite. The Google Docs API which had been in developer’s preview since last April has now been opened up to all developers. The last developer preview launched at last year’s Google Cloud Next 2018.

Google Docs API: 

The REST API allowed developers build workflow automation services for users, create documents in bulk and also build content management services. Developers could also set up processes that would manipulate documents after the fact in order to update them. The Google Docs API also features the ability for users to delete, insert, move, merge, as well as format text. Insert inline images, work with list among many other things.

Google Docs API’s import/ export function also allows you to use Doc in internal content management systems.

Companies that use Google Docs API: 

Many companies had built solutions on the new Google Docs API. Some of these companies include names such as Netflix, Zapier, Final draft and Mailchimp. Zapier had integrated the google Docs API with its own work flow automation tool in order to help users create their own offer letters which would be based on a template. While Zapier did this, Netflix used Google Docs API to build an internal tool that would help engineers in gathering data and automating documentation flows.

For those of you having to fill out forms or invoices, instead of doing it multiple times and changing the template every time you do, you can now have product info and numbers automatically filled in for you. This new Google Docs API will make life much easier for all and sundry. Google Docs API aims at removing much of the repetitive tasks by automating it.

Google Docs API allows you to read and write documents using programs. These programs then integrate your work across all Google Docs saving you a lot of time and hassle.

To help in getting things started with the new Google Docs API, Google has developer guides, reference docs and a quick start guide. The Developer guide helps you in learning how to implement some of the most important features in Google Docs. The reference Docs contains details about API types and methods.

Many at times at the work place we find ourselves copying the same thing over and over again, Google Docs API is aimed at removing that very thing. They do this by automating most of the repetitive functions, leaving us with a few tasks. Some of the things that google docs API helps at eliminating is copying information form one document to the other and filling out forms at work.

Google Docs API is primarily intended to help out with invoicing but can be adapted to do just about anything that you need done in docs. This new API will remove a lot of repetitive tasks at the workplace.

Friday 10 November 2017

Why Google is Reading Your Google Docs

Google Docs
Most of the users of the online word processing service by Google, known as Google Docs, were in for a surprise on Tuesday when their documents faced a block as a result of violating the policies. Many users were reported saying they lost access to either their wedding vows or academic researches, for example, receiving notifications saying that their documents had violated the terms of service of Google Docs. This error was reported by dozens of users on the product forums of Google.
While Google acted quickly and put the blame on an erroneous update that locked its users out of their own documents by mistake, the whole incident disclosed what many people did not notice, that Google is scrutinising the apparently personal files stored in Google Docs.

While Google was under pressure to keep a better watch on the kind of videos that were being uploaded on YouTube, deleting content that was illegal from its search results and better monitoring of its advertising network, hardly few people were aware that Google Docs was also being watched. Google Docs is not only used by people for their day-to-day works but also by many businesses across the globe with possibly classified information. Rachael Bale, a journalist at National Geographic, wrote that she found this kind of monitoring creepy. Another user, Kelly O’Mara, who is writer, stated that people really need to take into consideration how much information they have been feeding into Google Docs.

While hardly few will actually read it, the terms of service of Google Drive forbid spam, hate or violent speech, pornography, the spread of private information, etc. Only shared files are subjected to these rules, so the files that are kept private are apparently an exception.

A spokesman for Google stated that Docs and other files in Google Drive are regulated by an algorithm that keeps a watch on the abuse of its policies and if they are found to supposedly be a violation then it automatically blocks those files. Unlike a few systems, where the supposed matter is escalated to a moderator, here there is no human evaluation involved.

The spokesman also said that the primary reason its algorithm scans the files is for the prevention of computer viruses or spam from spreading. It is not clear if Google’s algorithm is utilised to keep a check on pornography or other types of misuse, or if the policy is equally applied to work as well as personal accounts.

After many users were locked out of their vital documents, the company stated that they made a code push that mistakenly marked a small percentage of Google Docs as abusive, which resulted in those documents getting blocked automatically. They also mentioned that a fix was already in place and all users will soon regain full access to their private docs. They issued an apology for the disruption while maintaining that their main focus is user safety.

While Google provides free of charge access to its “G Suite” of programs to its corporate users, Google Docs is available to consumers for free same as Gmail, Maps and its other services. Its company privacy policy mentions that it collects information from Google Docs along with other services, but it is not clarified whether this information is used for adverts.

Saturday 19 August 2017

Google Docs: Big Update Happened with More Editing and Search Tool

Google Docs

Google set to bring a new vital update for the popular Google Docs

For a really long time people were dependent on the Microsoft Office programs to work and share their finding globally. But Google brought a commendable challenge to it through its suite of online office applications and among it the most popular and widely used application is Google Docs. Just a few days ago Google has announced that it will be a big update to the Google Docs which will open a whole new world of opportunities for the users.

This updates has helped in upgrading the online word processing application to the next level. Now more number of users will be able to work, collaborate and edit the documents at the same time. Google understands that modern requirements of the Worksheet processing program should be able to provide a unified control over the collaboration to enhance the productivity of larger teams. This new update will allow users to work on big projects with ease and simply by actively monitoring varied edits or inputs from large number of users. Enhancing the ability of the users in collaborating with large teams is essential as more and more users are working remotely from varied but carefully monitoring the progress or edits made on a single file has always been troublesome. Google Docs will be able to do offers respite to the users in dealing wide amount of edits.


What’s new in Google Docs?

This major update has focused on enhancing the editing and collaborative efforts of the users. Now users will be able to see all the team edits at a single place which is known as version history. On one hand users get to every edit made in the document with ‘version history’ view and another option allows them to check every clean version of the document without the presence of the other user’s edits and comments. This is a very thoughtful update as it helps in going back to the older version or understanding which person has made the unwanted edit when a large team collaborates on a single project online.

Another great feature included in this update is the ability to accept or reject all the edits in a single go. This is designed to ensure that one doesn’t spend their time in carefully understanding and going through all the edits made by all the persons appointed on a single project.


Challenging the ‘Word’, beating its own game

The latest update will bring almost similar functionalities and features to the Google Docs which is seen on the Microsoft’s Word. In recent time Google has been actively promoting its G Suite as the best reliable work collaboration service which comes loaded with the Docs- a word processing program and Slides – a spreadsheet program. Another awesome feature of the G suite is that it allows users to search for files containing specific words. With the latest update users will be able to make use of the built in explore tab for scanning the files without even leaving any of the program namely Docs and Slides.

Sunday 6 September 2015

Google Docs Voice Typing Blocks Swear Words

Google is set to energize its Docs, which is a free Office software available to all the users across the globe completely free of cost. It has unveiled a whole set of new features and functions in the Docs which includes much needed and widely discussed voice dictation technology.

The power of dictation with wise censorship

Google had brought the voice-typing feature at the disposal of all the people by integrating this feature in its Google Docs. Before the advent of this free and very powerful voice typing user had to rely on the third party software and had to shell out thousands of dollars.

Google is revolutionizing the voice typing with its incredible and it is thankfully backed by an inbuilt censorship. This censorship simply states what can and can’t be dictated by using its Google latest software. Swearing words are completely barred from being picked up by the voice-typing feature, which will ensure the respect and essence of the messages and other written materials.

Swearing papers with first letter followed by asterisks

The voice typing technology carefully and intelligently understands the swearing words and simply replaces it with asterisks.

Therefore when a user uses the common swear words then it get replaced by asterisks in this manner, “s***’ and “f***”. Some swear words are spelled in full like “b**ch” and “w***ker” but in order to avoid any chances of offending someone then middle letters had been blanked out with asterisks.

The objection to the swearing words in the Google Docs by first noticed by a blogger who goes by the name of Grethen McCulloch.

Google aims at bringing a formality and ethics in the voice typing

Google had miffed the users and was heavily criticised by the same for censoring the swear words in its Google translate and Android based voce-to-text feature.

This time Google had brought a more refined and much better voice typing technology, which can assist in the wide range of function on its popular Google Docs. Goggles aims at bringing formality and high level of productivity to its users by bringing an advanced new set of tools in Google Docs.

Apart from the much talked voice typing feature Google brought some new research features in the Docs which can help in saving facts, images and quotes along with an explore functions in the Sheets. Google also brought some new interesting templates for the Forms, Sheets, Slides and Docs.

New set of features gets praised and increases productivity

Voice typing has the ability to support over more than 40 languages. A user is just required to click on a microphone button and press on go to activate the voice dictation feature. It will be an added advantage to the users while using the Google Docs, as the Microsoft’s popular Office software doesn’t have the speech recognition.

 Google’s Docs has been gained praise earlier for making it easier for the team members to collaborate and work simultaneously on the documents. The new set of tools and features are expected to make working on documents more fun filled and productive.

Thursday 13 March 2014

Google Docs Is Expanding Extensions To Counter Office 365

Google Docs
Google planning to face to counter the competition faced Office 365 moreover Microsoft is developing the capabilities of its desktop service Docs and Sheets through the extensions developed by third-party vendors support. The functionality of desktop services by Google does is not explained more exclusively.

Docs and Sheets (word processing and spreadsheet) can now be functionally enriched by third parties through extensions or add-ons. Google has indeed formalized tools designed by partner developer’s support. To view these applications and integrate them into his office, it is sufficient for the user to click on a new menu “Add-On" in the taskbar.

The only thing remaining is to choose among the extensions and install them and then to exploit the functions they provide. The principle is similar to that of extensions for Chrome – and is preparing it for any other browser. Available modules are around 30 now, and these can be used to perform very specific tasks such as import names and addresses from a spreadsheet into a Docs document, for printing purposes.

Thanks to these third-party extensions , Google should enrich its competitors Office Web applications and make even more serious alternatives to the Microsoft Office Suite, particularly in the context of the business offer Google Apps.

Monday 23 December 2013

How to Send Self-Destructive Message along with Google Docs

Self-Destructive Message
Interest in sending mail, text, or even audio or video in an encrypted so that it self-destructs after a certain amount of time once the user has read and just vanishes. Facilities like this are provided by many apps, but now provided by Google Docs. Since this is going to be provided by Google your messages will be in a more secured way.

Google Docs

Want to try it with your friends, here send a tricky message to person who has a Gmail account. Make up with a self-destructing spread sheet to share with them whenever you needed. Now you may arise a query that how long this message will appear to the person who reads this. Professional explains this query just by a simple Google Apps Script, which will make clear that how much time you need them to appear.
If it is hard for you to create a spreadsheet with script already embedded, you visit some sites and make a download to it. Plans to do on your own, codes are available you can download in websites.


If your recipient is not using Gmail don’t worry, some other option are available to perform this magic. Plenty of services are available on the web to perform self-destructive in private links. And this is not usually available to everyone at ease. Some of the sites that avails this is At this site you can perform your take at ease. Just type the content you want to send and don’t forget to determine how long the message should prevail and clack on created link.

This will opt to encrypt your message and provide you a much secured link, through which you can share your recipient. He can view it only once. Analogous to this site that’s got additional point of password protection that is properly named as This Message Will Self Destruct (TMWSD). Here you can also make to have an avail a screen shot.

Not satisfied with secured measures available? Then it is better to move on with Burn Note. Burn Note not only offers a self-destructive message but images are tend to broke up while taken a screen shot. Spyglass display featured in Burn Note so once you move your cursor to that only shows the content. Once the message are burned means that message is deleted from Burn Note server, then it’s liked to be never existed.

Mobile Phone 

Email may be little tedious process to make up with. You can also make through a message. Usually these are not an option to perform it before, but upcoming upgraded mobile offers you these kinds of messages through some Apps. One among several App is Wickr, available only for iPhone. Wickr in iPhone uses a military-grade encryption that gets rid of time stamp, location and even device type. This term may on whole described as Metadata message.

Haven’t yet installed Wickr yet? Go to iTunes App Store there you will find and upon installing you can play with. Unfortunately Android version has not yet been released. Hope releases soon and all Smartphone lovers can make use of it once available in Android Market.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Latest Updates in Google Docs and Gmail

The Mountain View Company brings some new blood to its Gmail and Google Docs. The main changes are at the interface of the two services.  Google Docs is adorned therefore a button to switch to this new interface or go back. It seems especially thought for the touch pads is much simpler and streamlined than before, and decked out with large buttons and a mode for changing the display of the number of documents visible on screen. We also note more important keyboard shortcuts, and list all back.