Sunday, 6 September 2015

Google Docs Voice Typing Blocks Swear Words

Google is set to energize its Docs, which is a free Office software available to all the users across the globe completely free of cost. It has unveiled a whole set of new features and functions in the Docs which includes much needed and widely discussed voice dictation technology.

The power of dictation with wise censorship

Google had brought the voice-typing feature at the disposal of all the people by integrating this feature in its Google Docs. Before the advent of this free and very powerful voice typing user had to rely on the third party software and had to shell out thousands of dollars.

Google is revolutionizing the voice typing with its incredible and it is thankfully backed by an inbuilt censorship. This censorship simply states what can and can’t be dictated by using its Google latest software. Swearing words are completely barred from being picked up by the voice-typing feature, which will ensure the respect and essence of the messages and other written materials.

Swearing papers with first letter followed by asterisks

The voice typing technology carefully and intelligently understands the swearing words and simply replaces it with asterisks.

Therefore when a user uses the common swear words then it get replaced by asterisks in this manner, “s***’ and “f***”. Some swear words are spelled in full like “b**ch” and “w***ker” but in order to avoid any chances of offending someone then middle letters had been blanked out with asterisks.

The objection to the swearing words in the Google Docs by first noticed by a blogger who goes by the name of Grethen McCulloch.

Google aims at bringing a formality and ethics in the voice typing

Google had miffed the users and was heavily criticised by the same for censoring the swear words in its Google translate and Android based voce-to-text feature.

This time Google had brought a more refined and much better voice typing technology, which can assist in the wide range of function on its popular Google Docs. Goggles aims at bringing formality and high level of productivity to its users by bringing an advanced new set of tools in Google Docs.

Apart from the much talked voice typing feature Google brought some new research features in the Docs which can help in saving facts, images and quotes along with an explore functions in the Sheets. Google also brought some new interesting templates for the Forms, Sheets, Slides and Docs.

New set of features gets praised and increases productivity

Voice typing has the ability to support over more than 40 languages. A user is just required to click on a microphone button and press on go to activate the voice dictation feature. It will be an added advantage to the users while using the Google Docs, as the Microsoft’s popular Office software doesn’t have the speech recognition.

 Google’s Docs has been gained praise earlier for making it easier for the team members to collaborate and work simultaneously on the documents. The new set of tools and features are expected to make working on documents more fun filled and productive.

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