Monday 7 September 2015

This Wearable Drone Could Be Your Next Smart Device


Drones – Own Application Platform/Interface Projected

The team at Frog Agency in New York have taken it upon themselves to work out on whether drones could be something we could interact with each single day as Adam Pruden from Frog had told the audience at The Conference in Malmo. Drones have already evolved directly from smartphones which are built on the same technologies, the same microprocessors as well as sensors.

At a hearing earlier in the year, the US Senate had also informed that drones were basically flying smartphones. Pruden had mentioned that what he had found interesting with regards to the comparison was the behavioural similarities instead of the technologies.

Earlier they were used for capturing political conflict in Hong Kong, the same way as smartphones, though drones were capable of capturing the magnitude of events the ways smartphone could not. Pruden states that `drones are taking self-obsession to an entirely new high with growing popularity of dronies.

Besides this, they also have their own application platform together with interfaces projected from a drone on any surface.

Wearable Drones – 15 Concept Designs

In order to set up drones and make it part of daily life in the same way as smartphones, the team realised that they would need to have two unique features.At first they would have to be capable of performing physical task and to move through physical space as well as interact with the physical atmosphere which smartphone are unable to do.

Secondly they would have to be wearable which would be used only when needed and hence they would have to be able to worn on the bodies. The team had come up with 15 concept designs in wearable drones, such as wearable dog collars, a wearable drone which could fix the makeup and hair and chose four to develop further.

The first that came up was the Flare, which was a flying tour guide as well as a navigator wherein the Flare tends to jump off an acrylic band attached to the hand and operates like a flying compass. On the other hand, the Breathe, settles on the shoulder passively measuring air quality till dangerous pollutions levels are identified. At this stage, it tends to leap up in front of the face, providing a filter for the individual to breathe through.

Drones – Integrate Into Society

A gold drone, the Parasol, hangsoff the belt or is worn as a means of jewellery and detects bad weather. It jumps up to protect the person either from UV rays or rain utilising its propellers. The Scout as much as a playmate as it is drone tends to fly above you to project a path on a rock wall to challenge the individual as they climb and doubles as fitness tracker whenever it is docked.

The designs seem to be quite cool and exciting. However there were other issues which the team found as part of the process. Pruden explains that the `key component that were not accounted for was that drones need to integrate into society’.

To integrate into society, drones would have to comprehend distance, how to interact with other drones and with the built world and with its owner’s body as well as the body of others, though also important with the soul.

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