Thursday 3 September 2015

Facebook Tests a Human-Powered Digital Assistant M

In the traditional times, we used to have a secretary for managing our everyday tasks efficiently. But the technological advancement is going through such a rapid pace that it is hard to keep things organized with an assistant. Some major tech firms like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are eagerly working towards making life much easier with focus on developing advanced digital assistant.

These digital will possess the capability to make it extremely easier and smooth to complete everyday tasks without facing any undue stress or hassle.

Now the social media giant Facebook is looking at the prospect of bringing such digital assistant for its billions of users spread all across the world.

Facebook testing new digital assistant named M

Facebook had recently announced that it is testing a relatively new service for its Messenger app. This new service is named as M, which essentially happens to be a digital assistant which is aimed at helping users perform simple tasks such as making reservation or ordering products and other actives with ease and grace. Once the testing phase is completed then this new service will be incorporated within its Messenger chatting app. Face Messenger app is high popular messaging app, which is used by more than 700 million active users throughout the globe.

With the help of the digital assistant M users will be able to text as well dictate question to the M, which will respond according to the users input. It can be even to asked to purchase some items from the internet or to book reservations at popular dining places or it can even recommends places which can be explored by the users.

Facebook to get stiff competition from other Digital Assistants

Facebook is arriving in the digital assistant M service after warming the bench for a long time within which Apple, Microsoft and Google had brought their powerful digital assistant. Apple already offers embedded Siri a digital assistant which works by voice processing and assists users in performing various daily tasks. Similarly Microsoft offer Cortana digital assistants in a range of devices which makes life quite easier and simpler for the users.

Google rides on the Google Now and Amazon offer Echo which performs the similar kind of services with ease and simplicity. It will be hard for the users to switch to another digital assistant or even take use of it when they already have Digital Assistant running on their phone, tablet or laptop.

More start-ups riding on the wave of digital assistant

Some start-ups like Magic and Operator are also working developing digital assistants by taking a new human powered approach and integrating it within their apps. The human powered approach allows them to fulfill users request with the help of real customer service representatives. While Facebook approach in developing its digital assistant is hybrid of two major approaches i.e., use of algorithms and real customer representatives which helps M in delivering much better and intelligent results. As of now Facebook M is in beta phase and a small group of people is testing it.

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