Thursday 10 September 2015

AK TI8e: The Most Luxurious Headphones in the World

Expensive and luxurious aren’t new as we have already seen gold plated iPhones, iPads, other Smartphones and even Smartwatches. But time is taking a different turn as Astell & Kerns launches their ambitious pair of headphones AK Ti8e which aim to bring highest level of technology in a different manner.

Astell & Kern latest headphones AK Ti8e encompass a cutting edge technology which has never been seen before to deliver crystal clear sound to the ardent music lovers at a price tag of whooping £800. Furthermore, the cord of this unique earphone is made up of Kevlar, which is the same ultra durable material used in developing bulletproof vest.

AK TI8e headphones turn the head at IFA event

Astell & Kern has launched its one of kind headphones named AK Ti8e headphones at the ongoing IFA event in Berlin. This headphone doesn’t resemble much different from any other ordinary pair but it boasts of a remarkable technology which has never been seen before in headphones. It features the Beyer dynamic Tesla Technology, which is essentially named after Nikola Tesla who has pioneered the alternating current. 

Astell & Kerns has gone with an oval shaped mould designs and a highly elegant cable with superior durable material. The cables have to go over the ears in this case in order to avoid any kind of pull. The earphones are coupled with silicones and Comply foam buds, which ensure that it remains inside the ears perfectly.

Features of AK Ti8e headphones

AK Ti8e will come with a toughed Kevlar 3.5mm cable along with a balanced cable of 2.5 mm audio jack, which will allow users to use AK players. It will also possess a highly powerful ring magnet, which happens to be 16 times smaller than earlier Tesla technology.

This will allow the AK Ti8e headphones to render a crystal clear sound to the listeners. Developers had made a great effort to remove the crossover filters inside the headphones through the use of new Tesla technology which has resulted in producing clear sound devoid of any distort speech or music recording.

AK Ti8e is designed to offer a wholesome listening experience to the users by easily integrating any of sound choices from the highest trebles to the deeper bass.

Hand built headphones to offer incredible music

Astell & Kern had worked hard on the detachable cable to ensure it possesses the highest level of durability. This AK Ti8e headphones cord is made up of Kevlar, which allows it easily to endure as many as 40,000 bending cycles, which essentially help in increasing the durability of the product. User will never have to be concerned about putting this headphone in their pockets being curled up as many times as possible.

Astell & Kern has given a large emphasis on merchandising and packaging as this headphone command a great price tag of £800. It will be hand built at the Beyerdynamics’s factory in Germany and this headphone will come in a dashing leather case. In accessories section, users will get eight different choices of ear buds to pair with the earphones, which offer a secure and comfortable wear to the listeners.

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