Saturday 19 September 2015

Graphene Made Superconductive by Doping with Lithium Atoms

In today’s scientific world, there is nothing that can surprise you anymore. This is because of the fact that the scientists have been making a lot of improvisations in the world of physics as in every other field. And that is the reason as to why you will be glad to know about the new sort of superconductor. According to the recent research, grapheme has now been discovered to be the best possible superconductor if it is doped with the right proportion of Lithium atoms as then the charge transfer rate becomes even higher than it formerly used to be. But in order to know more of it, you definitely need to read this up.

How is it made possible? 

Graphene is the single carbon atom layer of the same kind of material that has been subjected to the tests as to how it can be connected to a number of devices all at a go. In this case, a thought has been subjected as to how the thing can be evolved to have the best out of its super electrical properties and its super conducting phenomena as well. Formerly it was found that if Graphene was coated with some other materials, then it could serve an even better purpose than it formerly did but the scientists could not figure out what it is. The finally after years of research it has been brought out that if lithium can be used, then it may turn out to be just the thing that is required to get hold of the desired effect.

The process 

In order to bring out the result, what the scientists did is to have samples of the right kind of Graphene and that too on a Silicon Carbide substrate- then the samples were kept in a vacuum area and cooled to 8K. When that was done, the samples were then accessorised with the lithium atoms and then the results turned out to be really amazing.

In this way, the energy gap of the electrons could be reduced to a great extent. Now the scientists are probing deeper and conducting further tests as to whether it is possible to have a complete loss of electrical resistance which i turn will enhance the power of the superconductor and serve the purpose in an even better way. In case of further demonstrations, amends will be made in order to see whether the superconductor can actually expel the external magnetic field and that is the test that will reveal that it is a true sort of superconductor.

It was at first theoretically proposed that if the right sort of lithium could be used up as a doping material, then it could bring about positive results. But the recent researches have revealed that it is something more than it and is indeed a grand thing that has come up and this superconductor can be used in a lot of fields as because of its multi faceted manner of working.

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