Monday 14 September 2015

Samsung Galaxy A8


Samsung – Outstanding Features Huge Screen Mated to Thin Chassis

Samsung has made the Galaxy A8 smartphone official after rumours of which had been spreading for several months. The device’s outstanding feature is the huge screen mated to a super thin chassis which is the slimmest that Samsung has ever produced.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a good slim 5.7 inch smartphone and its matte metal frame feels expensive along with its smooth shimmery white back cover which is really plastic. There is a fingerprint scanner though a great security features on the home button beneath the screen, 4G LTE connectivity, a MicroSD and a big 3050mAh battery and the design is the same as seen in all Samsung phones.

The Super AMOLED touchscreen has a resolution of 1080p weighting only 151 grams. It is slimmer than the 6.3mm thick Huawei P8. Samsung has chosen Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor to power the Galaxy A8, besides 2GB of RAM, together with 16GB of internal storage memory.

 The rear camera comprises of 16 megapixels with an f/1.9 opening and a 5 megapixel wide-angle camera on top of the screen for selfies. Moreover, it also has a LG style hand gesture control, a wave rather than a clenched fist with a complete enhancement mode.

Solid Home Button Instead of Soft/Capacitive

Samsung is one of the few major manufacturers still using a solid home button instead of a soft or capacitive one and the fingerprint scanners in combined to this button making it easy to use. Being slim it tends to become easy to hold inspite of the phablet sized at 5.7 inches and the speaker, camera as well as the flash are lined across the back in that order, right above a Samsung logo.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a dual SIM device having both SIM slots supporting 4G SIM cards, but 4G only can be used on one SIM card at a time while the other drops to 3G. Moreover, the second slot is a hybrid slot which doubles up as the microSD slot.

Users can opt between dual SIM connectivity and storage expansion taking into consideration the price level.The Samsung Galaxy A8 runs Android 5.5.5 with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI incorporated in it making the experience mediocre to a light stock Android especially as it comprises of various China only software features and a reworked localized user interface which indicates that in its present form, the Galaxy A8 will be a Chinese exclusive and available to be ordered online through Samsung’s store.

Device Similar to Earlier Model

With regards to an international launch, no announcement has been done by Samsung so far. Samsung could be preparing a super thin smartphone for release.

A video had been posted on YouTube portraying the Galaxy A8 in action and actually sourced from the TENAA Chinese regulatory board. It showed a device that seems similar to the model seen in earlier leaked images and the shape is resonant of the original Galaxy Alpha and a metal chassis is apparent though the phone seems thicker than what the rumours conveyed.

Details of the Samsung Galaxy A8 first started appearing in March when the name had been registered as a trademark together with the A6 and the A9. Thereafter, word about the device was spread by SamMobile in April disclosing some technical specification, prior to some early images of the phone.

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