Friday 11 September 2015

Mobile Calls Being Cut Off? Your Network May not be to Blame


Apple & Samsung Smartphones – Inspection of Handsets in Sending/Receiving Signals

Smartphones like Apple and Samsung have been facing official inspection on their technical expertise as part of an examination by Ofcom on how their handsets tend to manage calls. Ofcom is the communication regulator in the UK who regulates the TV and radio segments, fixed line telecoms, postal services and mobiles together with the airwaves through which wireless devices are said to operate.

Ofcom tends to operate under various Acts of Parliament which include the Communication Act of 2003 and functions within the powers and duties that have been set for it by the Parliament in legislation.

It has been stated in the Communication Acts that Ofcom’s chief duty is to promote the interests of citizens as well as consumers. Ofcom receives funds by way of fees from industry in regulating broadcasting and communication networks together with grant-in-aid from the Government.

The communication regulator has ordered a self-governing testing lab in order to calculate how the famous smartphone send and receive signals. It is also investigating if some models seem to be more likely than the others in suddenly cutting off conversations. The research is in progress with sharp political concern on mobile coverage as well as the quality of reception in urban as well as rural areas.

Handset Design Affecting Reception

Apple had earlier been forced to admit reception problems with its iPhone 4, because of its antenna design.But according to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple who has received an email from a reader stating that his new iPhone 4 was facing reception issues while holding it in his hand was informed that those with reception issues need to hold their phone correctly.

Till now the stress has been put exclusively on network operators facing government pressure in improving the capacity and coverage.Westminster sources with information of the research effort of Ofcom indicated that it would shine the spotlight on how modern handset designs could affect reception, for example by utilising the metal cases which could be a hindrance to the signals.

According to Westminster, `some of the manufacturers would not like what is being published by Ofcom; however it is of great important that people have the information available.

Results of the Study Waited

Various sources of UK network operators have stated that the finding would be anticipated eagerly and their own testing has indicated significant differences in the quality of the receptions on popular handsets.

But due to their reliance on commercial relationship with the manufacturers they seem to be unable in sharing the details with consumers without the risk of accusations. One source from the industry has informed that the `handset design as well as the performance could often have a great impact on the quality of service people seem to receive than the network that they use.

Ofcom spokesman informed that the results of the study of the handset would be made available within a weeks’ time and the findings would be based on the recently published maps of network coverage. We need to wait and watch on the latest development with regards to reception issues.

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