Thursday 24 September 2015

How it takes just 15 minutes of web tuition for anyone to hack into your email


Email Account Hacking – Easier & Faster

According to latest study, email account hacking is easier and faster than expected and takes less than 15 minutes. A group of volunteers comprising of TV producer, a retiree, a self-employed baker managed to learn the technique of hacking into someone’s account within a span of about 15 minutes.

 The group with limited knowledge of technology followed online tutorial utilising a man in the middle concept to hack into a computer network to gain each other’s login information. The controlled classroom trial led by Life assistance company CPP Group Plc involved helpers with a 14 minute lesson made available freely online.

Through this they were capable of downloading hacking software which enabled them to gain access in login details as well as passwords for email accounts, online shopping accounts and social networking sites within a few minutes.

There seems to be more than 20,000 videos online, coaching users on how to hack social media profiles, email, PayPal accounts and smartphones and the internet’s potentials in hosting hacking tutorials seems to be unchallenged. It has been observed that over seven million people have been the victims of their online password protected information accessed without their permission

Government to Take a Stronger Stand on Online Hacking Tutorials

Many users have had their personal emails hacked with around 19% stating that their eBay accounts have also been hacked.Accounts of social media users were also not spared from being hacked too, with 16% informing that their social networking profiles had been tampered into and around 10% have had their money or a loan taken on their behalf. With the increase in several public Wi-Fi networks as well as smartphone with inbuilt Wi-Fi connections in the last few years have given rise to opportunities for hackers with this type of crime the capabilities which would tend to increase in due course of time.

Most of the people are aware that the online hacking tutorials prevail with several others agreeing that this type of coaching need not be made available to online users, which would be creating a lot of inconvenience to the victim and beneficial to the culprit.

More than half of the people desire that the governments should take timely action in eliminating these hacking tutorials from the internet. The CPP has been advising people to take necessary action in protecting themselves from these online hackers wherever possible and are also influencing the government to take a stronger stand on, online hacking tutorials.

Bring Awareness on Risks Involved

Michael Lynch, the firm’s identity fraud expert had commented that `the recent Sony security break which had seen a hacker gaining access to the personal data of over 100 million online gamers, that included the people in Britain, has portrayed the increase and widespread danger, hackers tend to pose to consumers as well as businesses.

It is essential to bring about awareness on the risks involved so that adequate steps in the protection of their identities and safeguard their personal data from the hands of these hackers. The technique shown in the live session indicate that these hacking skills could be applied within a few minutes and hence it is critical for consumers to take timely action and protect their data from these hackers.

They use the man in the middle hacking technique which works by the hacker interrupting communication between two users or what an individual is viewing on the internet and as the user logs into their online account, their username as well as password appears also on the hackers’ desktop enabling him to store the information and access the account immediately on some time later.

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