Monday 7 September 2015

Android Wear Smartwatches Now Work with the iPhone


Android Watches To Connect with iPhone 
Google has plans of introducing an application which could connect Android smartwatches with Apple’s iPhone, mounting the battle among rivals to strap their technology on people’s wrists. This move has shoved Google to Apple’s field in an effort to boost the sales of watches running on Android Wear software.

 The program combining the devices running on various operating systems would be released soon in Apple’s app store. Android watches, as of now, tend to work only with smartphones powered by Android software, similar to the Apple Watch which is designed to be fastened exclusively to the iPhone.

The Google’s new app would however, empower the latest Android watches to connect with the iPhone, in order that users could quickly glance at their wrists for required directions, fitness information as well as notification with regards to events, emails, and Facebook updates. The devices would not be capable of being tied together in a way which would permit the Android watches in communicating with the other apps, that a user would have installed on the iPhone.

This could probably discourage several iPhone users from changing over from Apple to purchase an Android watch unless Google tends to find a way of overcoming the obstacle according to Ramon Llamas, IDC analyst. Android watches for now are expected to appeal to iPhone owners unwilling to spend extra money on a device which would be more of a novelty rather than a needed gadget.

Google is expecting the prices of Android watches to be well-matched with the iPhone ranging from $100 to $400 and Apple having a long history of challenging premium prices on its products tends to charge a minimum of £299 for Apple Watch even though its luxury products tend to cost thousands of pounds. Llamas commented that the Android watches will not be bought by `the fan boys and fan girls which should have everything with an Apple logo on it. He is referring about going after people who tend to be open to other options with what they could do with their devices.

Apple who had been a late applicant in the smartwatch market has quickly come to the forefront of the pack after its release in April. Apple Watches of around 4 million had been sold during the three months ending in June to control three-fourth of the smartwatch market, worldwide on the estimates from the firm Strategy Analytics and the combination of sales of Android watches which have been made by various device developers during the same time amounted to 600,000 units for an 11pc market share.

 Samsung watches on the other hand, running on Tizen software told hold of most of the rest of the market with 7.5pc share. Google is speculating that the next wave of Android Wear watches would assist in shifting the tide in their favour.

The Android watches coming up which would be functioning with the iPhone comprise of Asus ZenWatch 2 and the Huawei Watch. LG Electronic already develops Android Watch, Urbane at £175 which is compatible with the iPhone.

Functioning with the new app, the Android smartwatch would be compatible with iPhone which dates back to the 5 if their operating systems tend to have been updated to the iOS 8.2.

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