Thursday 24 September 2015

Google Car: User Interface For Displaying Internal State Of Autonomous Driving System

Google has long been creating news with its driverless car both for good and bad reasons. It has even registered the car and a company under its parent company to ensure a fine streamlined approach for making cars. Its testing with driverless cars has engaged with some unwanted accidents on minor scale, which is helping, in perfecting the vehicle.

The driverless automobile is still far from becoming a reality and it won’t be happening within next few years. Though currently it is in news for the new patent application, which shows that tech giant will be bringing some manual control options in its driverless car.

New manual controls to offer better driving experience

Google team of techs has termed the new addition of the manual controls as ‘arm the chauffer’ in the literal sense. This new feature helps in adding an arm on the steering column, which results in activating the automatic driving mode, and it works vice versa by restoring the manual control.

The transition from automatic to manual and manual to automatic is quite quick and it is almost similar to switching on and off the high beams. There is heightened support, which is quite intuitive in nature if a driver touches the pedal, or steering wheel either suddenly or with force then manual controls are activated by default. In simple words driver will be able to get the controls back in case he or she wishes to make any abrupt changes in the driving by taking some new roads or stopping by at some point.

How beneficial will be this new feature? 

This patented feature will allow a driver to take control of the vehicle back from the autopilot within a matter of few seconds. This feature allows a sublime and quick change between the driverless driving mode and manual drive mode, which is quite similar to the flight’s auto pilot mode.

With autopilot mode activated, one can sit back, relax and catch the wondrous scenes fleeting across the roads during long road trips. The driverless car and driver will work in close relation with the GPS and inbuilt driving assistant for using the driverless car.

This feature will enhance safety levels

The driverless cars being tested by many car manufacturers and Google has shown that it possess better safety records when coupled with humans behind the wheel but on its own it doesn’t that kind of record. This feature addition in Google’s driverless car will help in enhancing the levels of security to a greater extent. Google’s upcoming driverless technology will certainly be boosted by human control and with their experience and judgment in driving.

Does this feature show Google backing away from earlier stance? 

Google has for long taken a stance of developing a completely free from human intervention automatic driving technology which didn’t go well with many people. It should be also noted that laws also forbid to handle controls completely to robots or technology and it might be the reason that Google is now thinking about bringing manual controls in the driverless vehicle.

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