Friday 18 September 2015

Asus’s GX700: First Ever Water Cooled Laptop


Asus’s GX700 – World’s First Water-Cooled Laptop

In the PC gaming world, liquid cooling is considered to be a luxury something one would not consider in investing especially for a laptop unless it’s an Asus. Cooling a high power gaming laptop has been limited to fan cooling but Asus has now introduce liquid cooling to it. Gaming seems to be a big theme of IFA 2015 in Berlinand at the event the GX700 was unveiled.

Acer’s releasing of a whole new line of Predators and Lenovo has taken on the challenge with a new range of gaming PC of its own. However none have gone as far as Asus which was introduced as the world’s first water-cooled laptop. A 17-inch laptop furnished with a 4K display and to-be-named Nvidia GPU, has an unlocked Intel Skylake processor.

The GX700 links to a huge boxy base station which comprises of all the essential hardware in achieving efficient water cooling, a reservoir and pump together with a radiator. When the connections on the rear of the notebook are secured the liquid cooling system tends to work its heat moving system, giving the laptop the additional thermal headroom needed for overclocking and standard tests.

An Immense Pixel Pushing Machine

It is however, not clear how the system handles issues like air bubbles which could be an issue in PC cooling loop such as this or what type of maintenance is essential for the water cooling station. Liquid cooling system on a gaming PC should be cleaned approximately every six months or so where the process involves soaking, inspecting and at times, replacing sections of the loop.

Water cooling has been usually an interesting addition which the gamers would join in order to improve the cooling setup. It has become quite easy to integrate it into modern PC since the size of the other components have been reduced and the developers have started designing self-contained water-cooling kits which could reduce the task of installation.

At this point of time the Asus GX700 seems to be a mystery and Asus has been refraining in divulging in any of the machine’s specifications other than revealing that it is the first 17-inch laptop with a 4K display.

Nvidia GeForce Graphic Card

It is known that there will be an Nvidia GeForce graphic card inside and it is presumed that it will be ready to overclock once the water cooling rig is linked with the GX700 to amp up the performance. This laptop is an immense pixel pushing machine and once docked, it turns everything up to that extra bit further in the absurd sphere.

The enclosed case of GX700 does not seem like it has been made with maintenance in mind and it is to be seen what Asus has in mind, With the combination of a top of the line mobile GPU with all new Intel CPU, 4K display together with the proprietary water cooling base station the price could be up and over $3,000 mark.

 If the final price tend to be above that it would probably be impossible for all users to purchase it, with the exception of the most well-to-do PC gamers.

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