Thursday 17 September 2015

Misuse Of Artificial Intelligence 'Could Do Harm


Google’s Head – Demis Hassabis – Artificial Intelligence, Powerful Technology

The head of Google’s £400m machine learning business, Demis Hassabis, has called for a responsible debate on the role of ethics in the creation of artificial intelligence. It seems to be a technology which is so powerful that probably in the near future, could mean that the computers would be able to advice on the best way to treat patients, handle climate change or even feed the poor.

 With this potential power there is also a big responsibility. Mr Hassabis has stated that artificial intelligence is like any new powerful technology. It needs to be used in a responsible manner and if misused could cause much harm.

He informs that all need to be aware of that and those developing it – the companies and universities need to realise and take their responsibilities seriously and have proper concern as the main focus of their mind. He adds that they tend to engage actively with artificial intelligence community at MIT at Cambridge, Oxford and there are lot of academic institutes speculating about this and they interact with them actively and openly in their research.

Artificial Intelligence – Science of Making Machine Smart

Mr Hassabis is of the belief that there are valid concerns which need to be discussed and debated, decades prior to anything which could actually give cause to any potential consequence or power that may result in worry and hence the need to have the answers in place much in advance.

He was responding to apprehensions with regards to the development of artificial intelligence raised with others by the technology entrepreneur and a DeepMind investor, Elon Musk and Professor Stephen Hawking. Prof Hawking had informed his colleague Rory Cellan-Jones that mankind would end, with artificial intelligence.

Hassabis’ work is focused on learning machine that are capable to scrutinise large amount of data and support human understanding of the exponential rise of digitised information. He informs that artificial intelligence is the science of making machines smart and we are capable to fill machines with intelligence, they would be able to assist us as a society in solving all types of big problems which then could have better control on all things like disease and healthcare to big issues like climate change and physics, where the ability for machines to understand and obtain insights in large amount of data could be beneficial to human scientist as well as doctors’.

Computers Unable to Copy Human Behaviour/Way of Thinking

Mr Hassabis adds that the computers cannot copy human behaviours or overtake human way of thinking. London is doing well in artificial intelligence. DeepMind which is located in King’s Cross has grown to a 150 strong company of computer scientists and mathematicians.

Mr Hassabis has advised the UK not to misuse its leading position in the developing sector and has commented that they are proud to be a UK company. He further adds that though they are owned by Google, their whole operation is in UK and Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, Imperial has very strong machine learning departments.

This is something that UK is strong in and he thinks that it is great UK success story. However, unlike in the past, when they were at the beginning of the computer age and Silicon Valley ended with all the innovation as well as reaping the commercial benefits, they will now ensure that they stay at the forefront of what would be an incredibly important technology in the forthcoming 10 or 20 years’.

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