Friday 17 July 2015

Intel Brings Android Users Remote-Control Mouse, Keyboard App


Ever thought of controlling your desktop keyboard remotely by just moving fingers on your Smartphone or tablet? This might seem futuristic but Intel has launched its new a free remote keyboard and mouse app for Android users for this very purpose. Intel Remote Keyboard is up for grabs in Google Play Store which will allow the users to control remotely the mouse and keyboard in Windows 8.1 OS through their Smartphone or tablet.

Features of This Exciting Remote Keyboard App

Intel is long being trying its hand on the remote control keyboard and trackpad apps but this time it has been successful in creating a perfect app. This unique app offers portrait and landscape modes along with arrow keys. A mock touchpad offers gesture control in a simplistic manner wherein a single tap acts as left mouse click while two clicks act as right click. Just sliding figure up and down the app will perform the scrolling up and down work with seamless ease.

How Does This App Works? 

This app brings Windows and Android quite closer than ever before after Microsoft snubbed its X OS platform for Smartphones. Users are just required to pair up there with their Windows 8.1 Pc or laptop after downloading the free Intel Remote Keyboard App from Google play store on their Smartphone or tablet. Once the app is successfully paired with the laptop then user can have complete control over their laptops keyboard and perform different functions from afar.

Swift Operations and Positive Reviews

The user review for this app has found positivity and generally highly favorable response on the Google Play store. Most of the users have found it as a better alternative for turning their mobile into an awesome trackpad. This app acts as perfect remote keyboard and mouse controller for handling little operations without the need of hitting up the real keyboards. Currently the sensitivity level of the cursor is set at higher potential by default which provides quick navigational alternatives.

This app might not be way ahead of other remote control apps but it offers the simple and complex pleasures of handling the remote tasks for free. Being free it is the best app for remotely controlling a PC in the living room or even getting some praise and awe while using it during the presentation.

Intel Remote Keyboards App Aims at Solving Remote Controlling Issues

This app requires Android version 4.0 or above for perfect running. Furthermore for full functioning and perfect syncing it is necessary that both the Android Smartphone and the computer are connected via same WiFi network.

Intel has another spectacular device called Intel Compute Stick which can turn any TV or monitor into a computer. Intel has made it possible by embedding this stick with a quad-core Intel Atom processor along with two kinds of OS to choose from namely Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. These Intel NUC devices can help people in turning any monitor or TV into a fully functioning computer without spending huge amount of money.

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